Wednesday Warbles

We got the financial aid check. We had to stand in line (outside in the cold, standing on concrete) for about 90 minutes to get the check, then the clerk couldn’t find it. They sent us to yet another line, the “you won’t be getting any money” line from what we overheard from other students ahead of me. Fortunately, the guy there couldn’t figure out why we’d been sent to him. He went back to the first clerk and located the check—she just couldn’t read, apparently.

Then we went to the school’s bank and our credit union and ran some other errands. I was exhausted and in even more pain, but I’d put quite a few things off and sambear was sweetly willing to ferry me about. We nearly forgot about shadowkatt‘s dance class, and ended up rushing to get her there on time.

The bank where I want to open a new account was closed before we got there, so that will have to wait. I’m wondering about opening an account for Katie and having her allowance transferred there automatically. I don’t know if they’ll give debit cards to minors, though. I want her to start learning how to manage bank accounts. She’s already extremely good about saving her money for specific goals.

I used to agonize over the fact that Katie’s father left resources for her that we cannot match for Sam’s kids. I still feel somewhat guilty at times. Honestly, though, we can’t match the standard of living her father provided when he was alive, either. And she’d far rather have her father alive than have anything material. Apparently, certain people cannot understand that, and simply envy those financial resources because they’re so damned materialistic.

We’re to go to another doctor tomorrow and have lots of lab tests done. I feel somewhat better from the pain meds in my system, but I’m still very much out of it. I think my hands, at least, will feel much better if we can find a paraffin bath to replace the one that died a few months ago. The heat just penetrates better than anything else. We looked at one today, but there were only two models to choose from—with a $100 price jump between them! I want a larger one so that I can get my wrists in, but that’s a huge monetary difference. I can’t help but think longingly of the kind the physical therapist’s office has, that I could get my arm in up past my elbow. I shudder to even think of how much those must run.

We need to replace our office chairs. Mine has developed an inexplicable list to the left. The armrest padding on both mine and Sam’s has pretty much evaporated (how does that happen?). And Katie’s chair is just Evil. It was okay when she didn’t spend much time sitting in it, but it’s just not up to the time she spends writing using the PC now.

Perhaps I should back up—we’ve been trying to identify things that we can change in order to improve various health problems. Investments that will mean less pain/fatigue/etc. are well worth their costs IF we can swing them. The better mattress Sam and I have now has been a major help. I want to find a way to get a good mattress for Katie, too. We need to invest in allergen barrier bedding for both rooms, and I need to set up the air filters. Water filters have definitely made a difference for us in more than just how things taste. And Katie and I are certainly feeling better as we continue to increase the fresh fruits and veggies we eat. Supportive shoes that are suitable for cool weather are next on the list.

The house purchase process is proceeding. We might be able to move in another month! Larger house=more entertaining. That’s a happy thing! The savings due to shared expenses will certainly be a blessing, as well. We’ll be further from Katie’s friends and classes as well as my classes, though.

I like my car, but it uses too much gas, and with our smaller family size it just seems too large. I’m wondering if the nice hybrids are starting to be available in the used car market—I really don’t want to buy a new car, ever. There’s just too much immediate depreciation.

I’m enjoying the reading for my world lit class. Right now we’re reading flood and creation myths from various cultures. I absolutely adore the psychology/religion course. Should I ever be rich, I will just take classes randomly for the pure joy of them.

I also really enjoy reading Katie’s lessons from Calvert. Yep, I am unabashedly nerdy.

I’m hoping that my speech class actually meets tomorrow (it was canceled Tuesday). And maybe I’ll actually get to GIVE the speech I was ready to do on Tuesday.

I’m still wondering about transferring. I need to look and see how much longer I’m likely to be in school to see if it’s worthwhile, though. I don’t want to be slowed down by transfer and major change issues. It’s already going to take longer than I like to finish because of the decreased course load due to disability. I’m really hoping that as the pain is under better control I’ll be able to take normal course loads.

I’m mulling over some things Sam said to me today about me apparently projecting an “unavailable” or “unattainable” vibe.

This utter randomness is brought to you by the interference of Ultracet with sleeping meds.

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