Spoiled Cat/Parents/Friends/Gaming/Party?

Dear gods—am I actu­al­ly caught up on my friends’ entries? Now I’m afraid to leave the key­board, because dammit, y’all will go and post more!

My cat is a domme, and I don’t have a safe word. Well, I guess I could get rid of the cat, but I think that after 14 years she’s pret­ty damned safe. I was all com­fy here at my desk with my feet up, even, and she demand­ed anoth­er can of food. In fact, she refused to stop climb­ing my legs and sit­ting on the key­board until I fed her. Yes, curiousmay9, I know—I spoil the cat. 🙂

My Dad told me today that he and Mom are real­ly impressed with how great Sam’s rela­tion­ship with Katie is and how he’s man­aged to be a father fig­ure to her with­out ever try­ing to replace her father. I near­ly cried. That is a MAJOR thing com­ing from my par­ents (espe­cial­ly Dad­dy), who weren’t all that friend­ly to him ear­ly on and are still quite dis­ap­prov­ing of us “liv­ing in sin.” I cer­tain­ly don’t see eye to eye with my par­ents on MANY issues, but I do love them, and I’m very glad they’re near­by. I absolute­ly love the fact that they and Katie have real­ly won­der­ful relationships.

It was very hard to say good­bye to rasilio, star­rchilde and the kids yesterday—the vis­it was way too short. The babies have grown so MUCH! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they’re still not inter­est­ed in just giv­ing me and Sam the three kids so they can enjoy being foot­loose and fan­cy-free or some­thing. Dammit. So goes anoth­er attempt to have more mar­velous, beau­ti­ful babies with­out actu­al­ly deal­ing with a pregnancy!

Sam and the kids are off gam­ing again. I’m a wee bit jeal­ous, as I’ve gone WEEKS with­out a fix now. But hey, the kids had gone much longer than that before their game on Saturday.

Sam and I are talk­ing about hav­ing some sort of par­ty to cel­e­brate when we’ve fin­ished the declut­ter­ing and are well and tru­ly set­tled here. It’s much small­er than our old place, though, so we just aren’t sure what to do, exact­ly. It’s way too late to be doing a house­warm­ing sor­ta thing (I just real­ized that I’ve nev­er done one anywhere—odd). Suggestions?

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