Spoiled Cat/Parents/Friends/Gaming/Party?

Dear gods—am I actually caught up on my friends’ entries? Now I’m afraid to leave the keyboard, because dammit, y’all will go and post more!

My cat is a domme, and I don’t have a safe word. Well, I guess I could get rid of the cat, but I think that after 14 years she’s pretty damned safe. I was all comfy here at my desk with my feet up, even, and she demanded another can of food. In fact, she refused to stop climbing my legs and sitting on the keyboard until I fed her. Yes, curiousmay9, I know—I spoil the cat. 🙂

My Dad told me today that he and Mom are really impressed with how great Sam’s relationship with Katie is and how he’s managed to be a father figure to her without ever trying to replace her father. I nearly cried. That is a MAJOR thing coming from my parents (especially Daddy), who weren’t all that friendly to him early on and are still quite disapproving of us “living in sin.” I certainly don’t see eye to eye with my parents on MANY issues, but I do love them, and I’m very glad they’re nearby. I absolutely love the fact that they and Katie have really wonderful relationships.

It was very hard to say goodbye to rasilio, starrchilde and the kids yesterday—the visit was way too short. The babies have grown so MUCH! Unfortunately, they’re still not interested in just giving me and Sam the three kids so they can enjoy being footloose and fancy-free or something. Dammit. So goes another attempt to have more marvelous, beautiful babies without actually dealing with a pregnancy!

Sam and the kids are off gaming again. I’m a wee bit jealous, as I’ve gone WEEKS without a fix now. But hey, the kids had gone much longer than that before their game on Saturday.

Sam and I are talking about having some sort of party to celebrate when we’ve finished the decluttering and are well and truly settled here. It’s much smaller than our old place, though, so we just aren’t sure what to do, exactly. It’s way too late to be doing a housewarming sorta thing (I just realized that I’ve never done one anywhere—odd). Suggestions?

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