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Maybe It Isn’t the Flu

Katie seems to be feel­ing a bit bet­ter. She slept through most of the day, and just got up a few min­utes ago (right at the end of my and Sam’s date) feel­ing like she could eat some­thing. Sol­id food, even! That’s progress. Since she did­n’t have any antivi­rals, I don’t think this was real­ly the flu. She should still be much sick­er if it was. I’m not at all unhap­py about that.

Sam and I had a love­ly date tonight. It’s so good to have these times togeth­er when we don’t talk about any kind of “busi­ness” — no bills, noth­ing from his office, noth­ing about what needs to be done around the house, none of that stuff. Of course, with a sick kid (even a 19 year-old one) in the house, tonight was a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, but since she was most­ly asleep, not too much dif­fer­ent.

I get my books from the Gwin­nett Library in the mail now, which is great—I don’t have to wor­ry about try­ing to get there or ask Sam to dri­ve there to pick them up and drop them off. I gave them a list of authors and gen­res I enjoy, in addi­tion to the requests I always put in via the web. The books (and CDs and DVDs, when I request them) come in a big blue mail bag, secured with a spe­cial tough plas­tic thing sim­i­lar to those plas­tic hand­cuffs cops use (I think—happily, I have no first-hand expe­ri­ence with cop gear). I read (or watch/listen to) the items, rate them, put every­thing back in the back, secure with anoth­er zip thing, flip the address card around, and Sam puts it back in the mail for me.

But last week, I got a late notice say­ing that my items had­n’t arrived at the library. I start­ed call­ing the library and was sure that the bag got lost in the mail. I freaked out a bit, wor­ry­ing about pay­ing for all those books and CDs if they were gone!

It took an embarass­ing amount of time before I start­ed get­ting an inkling of what I’d actu­al­ly done. Then I called our mail­ing address and asked, and sure enough, the bag was there, wait­ing for us to pick it up. I for­got to flip the dan­ged address card over, so it was mailed straight back to me.

Hap­pi­ly, I was able to get a young man there to flip the card prop­er­ly and put the bag back in the mail for me. So I’ll have late fees to pay (seri­ous ones, as I think the bag moves at book rate, real­ly slow­ly), but at least I won’t be pay­ing for lost items. Brain fog is so annoy­ing!

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