Maybe It Isn’t the Flu

Katie seems to be feeling a bit better. She slept through most of the day, and just got up a few minutes ago (right at the end of my and Sam’s date) feeling like she could eat something. Solid food, even! That’s progress. Since she didn’t have any antivirals, I don’t think this was really the flu. She should still be much sicker if it was. I’m not at all unhappy about that.

Sam and I had a lovely date tonight. It’s so good to have these times together when we don’t talk about any kind of “business” – no bills, nothing from his office, nothing about what needs to be done around the house, none of that stuff. Of course, with a sick kid (even a 19-year-old one) in the house, tonight was a little different, but since she was mostly asleep, not too much different.

I get my books from the Gwinnett Library in the mail now, which is great—I don’t have to worry about trying to get there or ask Sam to drive there to pick them up and drop them off. I gave them a list of authors and genres I enjoy, in addition to the requests I always put in via the web. The books (and CDs and DVDs, when I request them) come in a big blue mailbag, secured with a special tough plastic thing similar to those plastic handcuffs cops use (I think—happily, I have no first-hand experience with cop gear). I read (or watch/listen to) the items, rate them, put everything back in the back, secure it with another zip thing, flip the address card around, and Sam puts it back in the mail for me.

But last week, I got a late notice saying that my items hadn’t arrived at the library. I started calling the library and was sure that the bag got lost in the mail. I freaked out a bit, worrying about paying for all those books and CDs if they were gone!

It took an embarrassing amount of time before I started getting an inkling of what I’d actually done. Then I called our mailing address and asked, and sure enough, the bag was there, waiting for us to pick it up. I forgot to flip the danged address card over, so it was mailed straight back to me.

Happily, I was able to get a young man there to flip the card properly and put the bag back in the mail for me. So I’ll have late fees to pay (serious ones, as I think the bag moves at book rate, really slowly), but at least I won’t be paying for lost items. Brain fog is so annoying!

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