The Flu? But That’s Why We Had Shots!

My girl has the flu! And she had not one, but two flu shots this year! She caught it from her sweetie down at Georgia Tech, and if there’s a place in Georgia that’s more international than the airport, that’s it. So I suppose it’s one of those strains that she wasn’t vaccinated against. But still!

The young infection vector was given a prescription for Tamiflu, but I haven’t heard much more about his condition since the visit to the student clinic. She’s barely able to stay upright but wanted to go down to stay with him (his mother apparently having offered her a ride during one of her trips to deliver a care package). He kindly offered to take care of her so as to avoid infecting the Bear and me. As sweet as that is, I don’t really think it wise to have the two sick kids dependent on each other, no matter how good their intentions may be.

Yes, I am a Mean, Mean Mommy, but she’s sleeping too much to really protest. There’s also the fact that she can’t stand to speak much due to her sore throat. Of course, she’s curled up in our bed, which is the preferred refuge for sick children, even when they’re All Grown Up at 19. Kioshi is keeping a close eye on her, with breaks to check on the angle of sunlight in the kitchen and living room.

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