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I real­ly want this mag­a­zine. I need anoth­er mag­a­zine sub­scrip­tion like I need anoth­er hole in my head, but I want it.

I was­n’t online much at all yes­ter­day, or indeed all week­end. I am let­ting go of the feel­ing that I MUST get caught up on LJ and email. If it came to a mail­ing list, I’m not going to both­er to read it. I’ll even­tu­al­ly get to the per­son­al mail, but please don’t think I’m avoid­ing you. I can’t pos­si­bly catch up with LJ.

This week­end was very full. On Fri­day Sam and I had din­ner, then we went to Choco­Laté for a PSE meet-n-greet. Sat­ur­day we gamed with some mar­velous folks, and were graced by the arrival of wayabear and otter­gr­rl. I drew them into the paraf­fin bath cult! Sun­day was too soon for them to go, but they had to get back home.

Sun­day. Oh yes! We got a lot done around the house after our guests went home. I final­ly stud­ied for my his­to­ry test, which was yes­ter­day. I had trou­ble get­ting to sleep when I final­ly did get in bed, for some reason—the same thing hap­pened last night.

So Mon­day morn­ing I did my morn­ing pages and then left to get Katie to the ortho­don­tist. She got the spac­ers to make way for her braces. She’s still got to have anoth­er four teeth pulled—permanent ones, this time. The oral sur­geon who pulled her baby teeth has retired. I don’t real­ly want to start all over again, so we’ll just use the same practice—but get­ting a new refer­ral from the pedi­a­tri­cian isn’t going ter­ri­bly smoothly.

We ran lots of errands and I deliv­ered the girl to my par­ents’ house for a vis­it. Then I sat in one of those inex­plic­a­ble traf­fic jams that sim­ply hap­pen for absolute­ly no rea­son at times around Atlanta.

I got home, ate final­ly (I for­got to do it ear­li­er), looked up a few last terms for the his­to­ry test, then went to school. The test took all of 10 min­utes, then the pro­fes­sor grad­ed it. I got a 98, hav­ing guessed one dig­it wrong on which amend­ment actu­al­ly freed the slaves. I’ve nev­er stud­ied Geor­gia his­to­ry before and actu­al­ly found it pret­ty interesting.

Then I had my com­put­er course, which involved a lot of talk about careers for com­put­er sci­ence majors. Next Mon­day each stu­dent does a 10-minute pre­sen­ta­tion (includ­ing Q&A time) and I got my top­ic last night. Next Thurs­day is the final, which I’ll post about lat­er. Then I’m done with the sum­mer semester!

Sam used his big birth­day present, an enor­mous George Fore­man grill, to make din­ner. It was delicious—in fact, I do believe I’ll go warm up a steak for lunch.

I read most of an issue of Psy­chol­o­gy Today while unwind­ing last night. I got a free sub­scrip­tion recent­ly some­how. I enjoy that one. There were sev­er­al arti­cles in it that I need to see if I can find online, as I think they’d be of inter­est to sur­r­dave and a cou­ple of oth­er people.

I’ve been in a non-fic­tion mood late­ly. I devoured The Tomor­row Log as soon as we got it, but oth­er­wise I just haven’t been very inter­est­ed in fic­tion. I could­n’t get into Kushiel’s Avatar despite hav­ing wait­ed for it to come out. I have the first vol­ume of Diane Duane’s “Door” series wait­ing to be re-read, but I would pre­fer to wait until the next vol­ume is released (when­ev­er that is), com­plet­ing the series.

Oh! Fri­day I also got an email out of the blue with a pro­pos­al that seems to have been craft­ed by the uni­verse to pre­cise­ly suit our needs. I can have an income, keep my tech skills alive, and not have to leave home. Yes! I’m so happy!

I had planned to do a lot of things today, but I haven’t been as pro­duc­tive as I’d like. I did get sev­er­al loads of laun­dry done, but I just feel men­tal­ly exhaust­ed. I think my intro­vert self-preser­va­tion fil­ters have kicked in, demand­ing that I have some down­time. Even mak­ing phone calls seems too much expo­sure to the world. Per­haps I’ll just veg­e­tate for a bit.

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