I am tired. I have what seems like a lot of homework, only I know it isn’t.

So if I can sweet-talk the counseling center at SPSU into giving the assistant registrar SOME kind of something saying that no, really, taking a chemistry class that involved me being in class and lab for 6 hours straight two nights a week really isn’t a good idea because of my health, then he’ll send the cross-registration application over to Kennesaw State. And if they approve it (late), and if there is space left in the two classes I want to take, then I’ll get them. If I don’t, I’m fairly screwed, because there just isn’t anything open on our campus that fits into my schedule that’s in an accessible classroom and that I need.

I haven’t even been able to get my rheumatologist’s office on the phone yet, much less get an appointment to see her. They’re closed on Wednesdays, and they were closed by the time I got home yesterday. I need a cell phone. It always takes a LONG time to get in to see my rheumatologist anyway.

The financial aid is still “pending verification.” SPSU says they’re waiting on the federal people, the federal people say they were done verifying everything in April, and the Georgia Student Finance Commission says none of that makes any difference at all to my Hope eligibility and I have it, but SPSU is still saying it does matter.

Ah, yes, I’m definitely back in school.

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