College Changes Already

I just got an email addressed to “Dear Vari­able Name.” It was from a busi­ness I’ve dealt with, not spam. Just an “oops.” It just hit me funny.

I think any­thing would hit me fun­ny right now. I’ve been try­ing to read my home­work for my first actu­al tech writ­ing class. I did­n’t think there was any­thing more bor­ing than read­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion, but there is—reading a text about how to write it.

But—I sur­vived my first day of class­es! Sam’s car did not. She sits dead by the side of the road. He and Katie had come to bring me my for­got­ten stu­dent ID. I feel guilty.

The math class was on the upper floors of a build­ing with no ele­va­tors. Because I don’t have a let­ter on file from a physi­cian attest­ing to the fibromyalgia/arthritis issues yet (I just man­aged to get info today say­ing what it has to con­tain), I have no grounds for ask­ing that it be moved. In fact, that’s the build­ing where all the math class­es are held. The low­er floor is just for offices. Love­ly. So I dropped the math course, and I’m try­ing to find some­thing else to fill up the 4 hours on my sched­ule. Prefer­ably some­thing that 1) I actu­al­ly need, and 2) won’t keep me at school sev­er­al nights a week. I only know of one class­room build­ing that is def­i­nite­ly accessible—fortunately, that’s the one where my major cours­es are held. But it does present prob­lems in scheduling.

I was­n’t able to go speak with my advi­sor today, but I have emailed him. I’m ask­ing if I can cross-reg­is­ter to take two online cours­es that Ken­ne­saw State is offer­ing instead. I need both of them. Sup­pos­ed­ly SPSU has a stand­ing agree­ment with all the oth­er pub­lic colleges/universities in the area to allow cross-reg­is­ter­ing. Those two class­es are not offered at a time that I can take them at SPSU this semes­ter, which is part of the rules. And they don’t start for anoth­er week or so, which would give me a lit­tle breath­ing room. Online class­es would take FAR less ener­gy than the face kind. The offi­cial rules, though, say that I’m sup­posed to have got­ten in an appli­ca­tion for cross-reg­is­tra­tion by May 5. I don’t know if there’s any fudge room on that.

Long-term, I may be able to use the rel­a­tive inac­ces­si­bil­i­ty of the SPSU cam­pus to get per­mis­sion to take class­es online through Ken­ne­saw and Perime­ter Col­lege as much as pos­si­ble. SPSU does very few of them in com­par­i­son, and of course, they fill up immediately.

I don’t like hav­ing to ask for accom­mo­da­tions. I’ve got­ten this far in my life with­out hav­ing any from any employ­er or school. Blech. I know that I *need* them and they exist for a rea­son, but I still find it shame­ful in some ways.

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