College Changes Already

I just got an email addressed to “Dear Variable Name.” It was from a business I’ve dealt with, not spam. Just an “oops.” It just hit me funny.

I think anything would hit me funny right now. I’ve been trying to read my homework for my first actual tech writing class. I didn’t think there was anything more boring than reading documentation, but there is—reading a text about how to write it.

But—I survived my first day of classes! Sam’s car did not. She sits dead by the side of the road. He and Katie had come to bring me my forgotten student ID. I feel guilty.

The math class was on the upper floors of a building with no elevators. Because I don’t have a letter on file from a physician attesting to the fibromyalgia/arthritis issues yet (I just managed to get info today saying what it has to contain), I have no grounds for asking that it be moved. In fact, that’s the building where all the math classes are held. The lower floor is just for offices. Lovely. So I dropped the math course, and I’m trying to find something else to fill up the 4 hours on my schedule. Preferably something that 1) I actually need, and 2) won’t keep me at school several nights a week. I only know of one classroom building that is definitely accessible—fortunately, that’s the one where my major courses are held. But it does present problems in scheduling.

I wasn’t able to go speak with my advisor today, but I have emailed him. I’m asking if I can cross-register to take two online courses that Kennesaw State is offering instead. I need both of them. Supposedly SPSU has a standing agreement with all the other public colleges/universities in the area to allow cross-registering. Those two classes are not offered at a time that I can take them at SPSU this semester, which is part of the rules. And they don’t start for another week or so, which would give me a little breathing room. Online classes would take FAR less energy than the face kind. The official rules, though, say that I’m supposed to have gotten in an application for cross-registration by May 5. I don’t know if there’s any fudge room on that.

Long-term, I may be able to use the relative inaccessibility of the SPSU campus to get permission to take classes online through Kennesaw and Perimeter College as much as possible. SPSU does very few of them in comparison, and of course, they fill up immediately.

I don’t like having to ask for accommodations. I’ve gotten this far in my life without having any from any employer or school. Blech. I know that I *need* them and they exist for a reason, but I still find it shameful in some ways.

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