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sam­bear got the kids. 

Just before we left, we real­ized that G had been dis­hon­est regard­ing the school make-up work she claimed to have done, so she was sup­posed to take that with her and com­plete it. R was also sup­posed to com­plete an over­due school assign­ment. Nei­ther of them even took any of that stuff with them, so of course, it isn’t any­where near done. 

Well, as soon as G real­ized that Sam had the temer­i­ty to be dis­pleased with her about not doing her home­work, she got hys­ter­i­cal. She has now been cry­ing for most of the last two hours, right through a trip to Lowes. She wants to sim­ply throw her­self on the bed and wal­low in it, and we’re refusing—she needs to just get over it. Yes, she’s in trou­ble, but it isn’t as if any­one has pitched a scream­ing fit or any­thing. She keeps sob­bing, “I hate my life!”

It does­n’t help that she skipped her med­ica­tion at least one day of the trip. She’s par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive to the effects of that.

R is not deal­ing with it well—nobody is. I’m real­ly glad shad­owkatt is in Athens. We have Ten­sion Tamer tea brew­ing but I doubt it’s going to help much. R is, how­ev­er, try­ing to be help­ful. That’s real­ly encouraging.

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