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sambear and I were up WAY too late last night. He wanted to see what’s actually on some of those cable channels we’ve been paying for—imagine that!

Somehow we ended up watching most of Kama Sutra. I was done when things got violent, but the dancing was worth watching and some of the dialogue was interesting. It was pretty weird overall, and not something I’m likely to watch again.

His ex-wife just called to say that the kids would be at the meeting place two hours early. Good thing we were in town, huh? She flew them out and back on standby, and it seems they got a flight earlier than anticipated. Good thing they got a flight, or she’d be facing legal charges. That kind of nonsense is just way too uncertain for words—she’s so frellin’ irresponsible! Not that this is a surprise to anyone who has followed any of this saga at all. Anyway, the happy here is that we’re getting R and G back. I hope the adjustment isn’t quite as bad this time as it has been sometimes in the past.

We did much more novel plotting today. In fact, at this point, we probably have enough material for at least three novels about these two main characters. We had to figure out previously unexplored events of the last few centuries in their world to really know why things are happening as they are now. It’s interesting how things we’ve “known” in the past in working through stories in this world that seemed to be unrelated come up and explain what’s going on now in new and surprising ways.

sambear posted a picture of Mica and Moonstone yesterday. This morning they apparently decided we’d slept in too long and proceeded to tear a hole in the carpet at the threshold of our bedroom. They are not my favorite critters in the world today. I have a long, deep scratch running across the top of my left thigh and down the inside where Shelley fell off my desk yesterday and tried to save herself, too. Ouch. At least she only got me with one claw rather than two or more pawsful—that’s happened in the past. Perhaps I should learn to wear more clothing?

goddessinga and greyknight are keeping shadowkatt longer than planned. My child has apparently decided to go be a majorette at UGA. Please, somebody, save us! If anyone saw a very angry ghost yesterday, it was probably her father, who was a Tech man, protesting the corruption of his only child.

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