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Consid­er­ing that I feel too fatigued/scattered to even read most of the arti­cles that have inter­est­ed me in the last few days, I found this interesting:
Fight Fatigue With Short Ener­gy Breaks

Anoth­er fac­tor lead­ing to exhaus­tion, says Jon Gor­don, MA, author of Become an Ener­gy Addict: Sim­ple, Pow­er­ful Ways to Ener­gize Your Life, is the fair­ly recent phe­nom­e­non of free-float­ing fear in the coun­try. Gor­don was so neg­a­tive and grumpy, his wife almost left him. “We are too high on the fear scale,” he tells Web­MD. “We are run­ning on adren­a­line, which is sup­posed to be for a short-term, fight-or-flight reac­tion. This is tax­ing our adren­al glands.”

Anoth­er ener­gy sap­per is the things we tell our­selves, Gor­don says. “I am so busy.” “I don’t have enough time.”

Scat­ter­ing focus also drains ener­gy, Gor­don says. “If you fin­ish what you are doing, you will have more energy.”

All of these con­di­tions result, they both say, from not tak­ing prop­er care of ourselves.

Pop­u­lar Pain Reliev­ers May Affect Pregnancy

Women try­ing to become preg­nant may want to avoid a pop­u­lar class of pain reliev­ers and arthri­tis drugs.

The warn­ing comes in a brief edi­to­r­i­al in the March issue of Fer­til­i­ty and Steril­i­ty. Robert J. Nor­man, MD, and Rui­jin Wu, MD, of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ade­laide, in South Aus­tralia, point out sev­er­al stud­ies show­ing that new­er anti-inflam­ma­to­ry pain killers — called Cox‑2 inhibitors — may inter­fere with sev­er­al stages of a woman becom­ing preg­nant. These pain reliev­ers include Bex­tra, Cele­brex, and Vioxx.

But they note there’s no sci­en­tif­ic proof at this point that Cox‑2 inhibitors actu­al­ly make it hard­er for a woman to become pregnant.

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