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Considering that I feel too fatigued/scattered to even read most of the articles that have interested me in the last few days, I found this interesting:
Fight Fatigue With Short Energy Breaks

Another factor leading to exhaustion, says Jon Gordon, MA, author of Become an Energy Addict: Simple, Powerful Ways to Energize Your Life, is the fairly recent phenomenon of free-floating fear in the country. Gordon was so negative and grumpy, his wife almost left him. “We are too high on the fear scale,” he tells WebMD. “We are running on adrenaline, which is supposed to be for a short-term, fight-or-flight reaction. This is taxing our adrenal glands.”

Another energy sapper is the things we tell ourselves, Gordon says. “I am so busy.” “I don’t have enough time.”

Scattering focus also drains energy, Gordon says. “If you finish what you are doing, you will have more energy.”

All of these conditions result, they both say, from not taking proper care of ourselves.

Popular Pain Relievers May Affect Pregnancy

Women trying to become pregnant may want to avoid a popular class of pain relievers and arthritis drugs.

The warning comes in a brief editorial in the March issue of Fertility and Sterility. Robert J. Norman, MD, and Ruijin Wu, MD, of the University of Adelaide, in South Australia, point out several studies showing that newer anti-inflammatory pain killers — called Cox-2 inhibitors — may interfere with several stages of a woman becoming pregnant. These pain relievers include Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx.

But they note there’s no scientific proof at this point that Cox-2 inhibitors actually make it harder for a woman to become pregnant.

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