Weird Dreams

Early on, there was a UU-ish worship service that was in a very 70s sanctuary or in someone’s living room—it kept phasing from one to the other. Someone from “my” congregation (not this one) kept singing totally different hymns from the ones that were being called out for singing—and he was doing it even when there was no singing happening. He was Mike, my first husband’s best friend and as far as I know, a Lutheran priest now (as is my first husband).

Then there was a three-story (at least) house that I’ve been in before in dreams, but never in the flesh. I wasn’t an adult, but I was—in any case, I wasn’t in charge (a common theme in my dreams). There were dogs that kept having accidents on the carpets. Some teenage male left a mess of butter and honey on the carpet in my rooms while I was at work or somewhere. Kayaking was involved somehow, as was singing some antiphonal piece with absolutely no preparation during a huge church service. There were mixed children’s and teen/adult choirs there, I know.

Then there was a tornado coming (I have a tornado phobia), and we were trying to get all the kids and adults down to the basement. We seemed to have nearly even numbers of (mostly disabled) senior citizens and small children, with very, very few able-bodied teens and adults. There were three flights of stairs, but none of them went to all floors. There was a very slow elevator that wasn’t working properly. There were foster kids who were panicking and weren’t really attached to anyone well enough to be soothed.

I was trying to get Shelley and another tortie down to the basement, and they were blatantly disinterested. Boone (a cat that was part of our lives briefly kept showing up in difficult-to-reach places, even if he was already in my arms (there were at least 3 Boones).

Then things got truly outré when the seals, otters, and walruses showed up. They helped with the stair issues somehow, transforming each flight into a slide/ramp.

I told you they were weird.

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