Weird Dreams

Early on, there was a UU-ish wor­ship ser­vice that was in a very 70s sanc­tu­ary or in some­one’s liv­ing room—it kept phas­ing from one to the oth­er. Some­one from “my” con­gre­ga­tion (not this one) kept singing total­ly dif­fer­ent hymns from the ones that were being called out for singing—and he was doing it even when there was no singing hap­pen­ing. He was Mike, my first hus­band’s best friend and as far as I know, a Luther­an priest now (as is my first husband).

Then there was a three-sto­ry (at least) house that I’ve been in before in dreams, but nev­er in the flesh. I was­n’t an adult, but I was—in any case, I was­n’t in charge (a com­mon theme in my dreams). There were dogs that kept hav­ing acci­dents on the car­pets. Some teenage male left a mess of but­ter and hon­ey on the car­pet in my rooms while I was at work or some­where. Kayak­ing was involved some­how, as was singing some antiphonal piece with absolute­ly no prepa­ra­tion dur­ing a huge church ser­vice. There were mixed chil­dren’s and teen/adult choirs there, I know. 

Then there was a tor­na­do com­ing (I have a tor­na­do pho­bia), and we were try­ing to get all the kids and adults down to the base­ment. We seemed to have near­ly even num­bers of (most­ly dis­abled) senior cit­i­zens and small chil­dren, with very, very few able-bod­ied teens and adults. There were three flights of stairs, but none of them went to all floors. There was a very slow ele­va­tor that was­n’t work­ing prop­er­ly. There were fos­ter kids who were pan­ick­ing and weren’t real­ly attached to any­one well enough to be soothed. 

I was try­ing to get Shel­ley and anoth­er tor­tie down to the base­ment, and they were bla­tant­ly dis­in­ter­est­ed. Boone (a cat that was part of our lives briefly kept show­ing up in dif­fi­cult-to-reach places, even if he was already in my arms (there were at least 3 Boones).

Then things got tru­ly out­ré when the seals, otters, and wal­rus­es showed up. They helped with the stair issues some­how, trans­form­ing each flight into a slide/ramp.

I told you they were weird.

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