Gaming was very fun last night! We played late enough to wrap up a bit of sto­ry and res­cue king­james’ char­ac­ter from the bad guys. I don’t like leav­ing things like that up in the air.

Inter­est­ing arti­cle on addic­tion, espe­cial­ly with regards to the internet.

From today’s Writer’s Almanac:
“The Unsaid,” by Stephen Dunn, from Local Vis­i­ta­tions

One night they both need­ed dif­fer­ent things
of a sim­i­lar kind; she, solace; he, to be consoled.
So after a wine-deep­ened dinner
when they arrived at their house separately
in the same car, each already had been failing
the oth­er with what seemed
an unbear­able delay of what felt due.
What solace meant to her was being understood
so well you’d give it to her before she asked.
To him, con­so­la­tion was a network
of agree­ments: say what you will
as long as you acknowl­edge what I mean.
In the bed­room they undressed and dressed
and got into bed. The silence was what fills
a tun­nel after a loco­mo­tive pass­es through.
Days lat­er the one most needy final­ly spoke.
“What’s on TV tonight?” he said this time,
and she answered, and they were okay again.
Each, for­ev­er, would remem­ber the failure
to give solace, the fail­ure to be consoled.
And many, many future nights
would find them turn­ing to their respec­tive sides
of the bed, ter­ri­bly awake and twist­ing up
the cov­ers, or, just as like­ly, mov­ing closer
and sleep­ing for­get­ful­ly the night long.

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