Um, Thank You?

Look! TWO posts in ONE day! Maybe I’m finally crawling out of my pit of depression.

My very helpful child disapproved of how I was treating my small stitching project, so she sweetly put it in a huge Ziplock bag and “put it away.”

I have absolutely no idea where “away” might be, but it isn’t in my stitching bag, near my recliner, or in the area where I’ve been sitting in the living room. Now she says she didn’t put it anywhere. Buh?

And we stopped at Michael’s yesterday to get the DMC I needed for it!1I prefer shopping at an LNS, but my favorite went online-only and this was an instant gratification thing.

I also got the fabric for two bigger pieces, though, so I can start one of those. Technically, I know that I have the fabric for Deep Peace around here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, so I got a new piece. Now the original fabric will, of course, make itself known.

Smaller, less involved projects are better to do while in company, though. And it’s date night. The girl is, herself, out on a date, so I can’t even shanghai her into helping find the small project. Grump. She found supplies for a couple of different art projects while we were at Michael’s, too, so I expect heavy arting from her shortly.

We picked up dinner for the three of us at Little Azio on the way home, which was as delicious as usual. That was a lovely way to end a tiring, but rewarding, day.