To-Do List Progress

Getting a diagram of where the leach field runs from the county. Not done. Have to get the lot number from the deed, and they’ll try to find it that way. It may not be on file with them at all, though. Update: got lot number from the marvelous kingjames. The health department still can’t find us! This isn’t good. They have absolutely no record of a permit ever having been issued for a septic tank at our address. That means that we must apply for a permit, have it inspected, and find out if it’s up to code. If not, we have to fix it. Eeep!

Scheduling appointment for satellite dish installer to come out Haven’t heard back from them yet.

Scheduling phone/DSL installation if they need to get inside. We should know the new phone # tomorrow. Haven’t heard back from them yet.

Pick up temporary window coverings (“RediShades”)—we will get exact measurements for the entryway while I’m there today. I’m missing those.

Order window film for entryway. Only sold through “licensed installers.” I left a message for 3M’s regional sales rep, who is on vacation. This one isn’t going to happen this week.

Check on Ultram refill That involved way too much explanation to the clerkish person that I don’t take Ultracet because I don’t need the acetaminophen and don’t want to stress my liver—especially now that I take the Lortabs on occasion.

Try to steal mayremi Blah—not happening this week. Boo. Wait, there’s a possibility again—YAY!

Time to scoot over to the Castle, then go to get Sam. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get the car packed with much of anything today.

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