Music ‘can reduce chronic pain’

From BBC News via the Net-Gold list:

Research has con­firmed lis­ten­ing to music can have a sig­nif­i­cant pos­i­tive impact on per­cep­tion of chron­ic pain.

US researchers test­ed the effect of music on 60 patients who had endured years of chron­ic pain.

Those who lis­tened to music report­ed a cut in pain lev­els of up to 21%, and in asso­ci­at­ed depres­sion of up to 25%, com­pared to those who did not listen. 

While I doubt the IRS is going to let us claim iPods as med­ical equip­ment for tax deduc­tions any time soon, it’s well worth exper­i­ment­ing to see what music soothes each of us.