All my LJ com­ments since 6/2 have been in some cyber­hole some­where, and they just showed up. All 99 of them. I’m not ignor­ing any­body (except the sil­ly flamers in the snark com­mu­ni­ty). Sor­ry! Cur­rent Mood: 😴tired

My kind of holiday

Inter­na­tion­al Cavort­ing Day is about acknowl­edg­ing a moment of spon­ta­neous joy, hav­ing free­dom for ran­dom, sense­less jolts of hap­pi­ness. Since cavort­ing is a spon­ta­neous expres­sion of joy, it’s real­ly not prac­ti­cal to set a date. When Inter­na­tion­al Cavort­ing Day becomes…

I’m wheeled

For a time, at least. Sam picked up a wheel­chair yes­ter­day that I’ll be using for the next month (hope­ful­ly no more than that) while recov­er­ing from a hos­pi­tal stay. No, I had­n’t imag­ined how much I dis­like hos­pi­tals. The place…

Busy Week!

Katie spent last week in school—an actu­al class­room. She was tak­ing a week-long dri­ver’s edu­ca­tion course, par­tial­ly to sat­is­fy state require­ments and improve our insur­ance rates, par­tial­ly because we just thought it a good idea. This week she’s actu­al­ly behind…

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