All my LJ comments since 6/2 have been in some cyberhole somewhere, and they just showed up. All 99 of them. I’m not ignoring anybody (except the silly flamers in the snark community). Sorry! Current Mood: 😴tired

My kind of holiday

International Cavorting Day is about acknowledging a moment of spontaneous joy, having freedom for random, senseless jolts of happiness. Since cavorting is a spontaneous expression of joy, it’s really not practical to set a date. When International Cavorting Day becomes…

I’m wheeled

For a time, at least. Sam picked up a wheelchair yesterday that I’ll be using for the next month (hopefully no more than that) while recovering from a hospital stay. No, I hadn’t imagined how much I dislike hospitals. The…

Busy Week!

Katie spent last week in school—an actual classroom. She was taking a week-long driver’s education course, partially to satisfy state requirements and improve our insurance rates, partially because we just thought it a good idea. This week she’s actually behind…

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