An Opportunity for Immortality

Earth KittGoing back to this post, keep­ing a data­base of every­body’s book/video/music influ­ences would be a major nui­sance and a waste of resources bet­ter used for oth­er things. You can’t count on every­one hav­ing such things list­ed in a pro­file or on a web­site some­where. There are peo­ple whose imme­di­ate fam­i­ly mem­bers could­n’t give you a hint about such things, either. I can think of only twoone ideas for my moth­er, and one of those is near­ly cheat­ing. The same for my father. None for my sis­ter or broth­er. I’m fair­ly cer­tain that none of them but my moth­er have a favorite book, although they’d all prob­a­bly say “the Bible” or some­thing like that, with great piety.

BUT we use .sig lines all the time, with no need for a new track­ing sys­tem or data­base. We don’t need to ask peo­ple to update any­thing, as they change their .sig lines, or don’t, as they feel like it. We can trust that they would­n’t use some­thing they did­n’t believe as a .sig.

For instance, many of my .sig lines have some­thing to do with truth or hon­esty, or learn­ing. Some­one who assumed that hon­esty and edu­ca­tion are things I val­ue high­ly would be absolute­ly right. If they chose one of my .sig lines to live by in mem­o­ry, their lives could only be improved by, “I am learn­ing all the time. The tomb­stone will be my diplo­ma.” (Eartha Kitt)

On the oth­er hand, Sam sel­dom uses a .sig line. But I’ve known far more peo­ple who are will­ing to take a minute and share their favorite quote or proverb than who will stop and list their favorite books, movies, and albums (or who have favorites in those categories). 

Yep, that will work.

So — what’s your most trea­sured bit of wis­dom? Quote? Say­ing? What words do you live by? What do you want to pass on to the next gen­er­a­tion, whether or not you plan to have chil­dren? This is a chance for immortality!

No, real­ly. I’ll make a new needle­work design based on your entry if you like (or I just adore it). I’d love to see what cre­ative works oth­ers pro­duce, as well.

In fact, if you want to com­mu­ni­cate them as new cre­ative works, that would be even more fun!

Some­body might even find new words to live by in your response. Who knows?

Tell me some­thing good. Please?

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