Sick Baby Girl, Quiet Day

shadowkatt still has a touch of a migraine she got last night, so no dancing for her tonight. It is very rare for her to miss dance, especially so close to a recital.

We have a laundry thief in the house. Sparks takes any piece of dirty laundry she can carry and hides it! We’ll have to start using the lids on the laundry hampers. I couldn’t figure out why they came with lids, but now I know!

Now we have two cats who must be fed with supervision. Sparks was getting way too much food and is having functional problems due to her very large tummy. Wizard, being a teen cat and more active than the other three put together, needs more calories. So he’s getting food any time he asks, now, but we have to separate him from Sparks or she’ll scarf it all up. K.G. is back down to a more reasonable size, but generally shows up after the snack is over. We make sure that she knows when the two real kitty meals happen each day, which seems to suit her well enough.

Shelley is horking again. We may have to resort to the chicken liver diet. Ewwww! I hate that smell! But it does work. I’m sure the other cats will be VERY interested, too. I still think of chicken livers as fish bait.

curiousmay9 unclogged our drain! YAY! It’s much nicer to take a shower without having a puddle growing at your feet. She was going to fix the drip, but our water meter is damaged so that we can’t cut the water off. I called the city and they’re supposed to replace the meter today or tomorrow.

We haven’t managed to find where the air filters go for the upstairs HVAC unit. I’m beginning to think that they must be in the attic, which will be very inconvenient. We’re going up to check tonight after the temperature has dropped a bit.

The repotted plant seems to be thriving. I need to find another small pot for a cutting of some sort of mint that the girls got from a neighbor. We also have two small trees that need to be put into something bigger than the tiny boxes they came in. I haven’t messed with potting trees before!

curiousmay9 tilled the garden space yesterday morning. Planting happens soon. We’re getting a late start, but should be okay.

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