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I post­ed part of this as a com­ment in hopeev­ey’s jour­nal, then decid­ed to stick it here. Hope­ful­ly, I won’t have to learn these lessons yet again next time around. What have you learned that isn’t here yet? 1) Declut­ter! Establish…

Very Silly

And prob­a­bly not work safe for most peo­ple: 9 Naked Men Con­tains very sil­ly full-frontal male nudi­ty. Very very sil­ly. You must have the sound on. Cur­rent Mood: 🙂amused


As a reminder that Amer­i­cans cer­tain­ly aren’t the only ones being cru­el in the Mid­dle East: Activists Say Israel Held Boy, 13, as Human Shield On a far hap­pi­er note, jan­ni post­ed some quotes from an inter­view with Madeleine L’En­gle. I…

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