As a reminder that Amer­i­cans cer­tain­ly aren’t the only ones being cru­el in the Mid­dle East:
Activists Say Israel Held Boy, 13, as Human Shield

On a far hap­pi­er note, jan­ni post­ed some quotes from an inter­view with Madeleine L’En­gle. I had to share this one:
Q: Have you read the Har­ry Pot­ter books?
A: I read one of them. It’s a nice sto­ry but there’s noth­ing under­neath it. I don’t want to be both­ered with stuff where there’s noth­ing underneath.

Oh! I need to set up the VCR today. The movie ver­sion of A Wrin­kle in Time is being broad­cast tonight. L’En­gle does­n’t think much of the movie, and I cer­tain­ly don’t expect it to live up to the book, but I’d like to see it.

shad­owkatt and mayre­mi alert: fire­bird­books is a feed from the pub­lish­er of Francesca Lia Block­’s books. Y’all might want to keep an eye on that for release information.

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