One way to make Cyn very happy: Take away the spare sofa that’s been blocking much of the living room for the last month. We can WALK into the living room, and get to the keyboard to play it! And there’s actual LEG ROOM in front of the loveseat!

sambear and shadowkatt are on the way to joyeuse13‘s house with said sofa right now. They will return with a heavier sleeper sofa, but it is destined to live upstairs. I am going to campaign heavily for it to never even rest on the first floor for a moment, but to go upstairs IMMEDIATELY.

After ga_sunshine comes to claim her furniture tomorrow, the rest of the tools that are taking up space inside will go out into the garage where they belong. We will then be able to set up the shelving for the rest of the books and access the built-in cabinets out there for storage of various kinds of overflow.

Half of the garage is destined to be a workshop, til we can repair the roof on the storage shed and get it wired for electricity. Having the workshop in place means that the tools will be organized and accessible. That’s vital to moving on with other important projects, like ripping out the water-damaged wall, ceiling, and window frame in the sitting room.

curiousmay9 hopes to get her kitchen goods packed up and transferred from the cottage tomorrow. She’s very much under the weather, so I don’t think that’s a realistic goal. For now, I’m concentrating on moving things to more logical locations in the kitchen (they were moved willy-nilly from boxes to cabinets).

(I do have to say one thing about the apartment we were in. The kitchen was galley style and very small, but it was laid out extremely well.)

The cleaning people came this week, which was SO lovely! I cannot say how much I enjoy a truly clean house. And this way, I have the energy to enjoy it, rather than being too exhausted to do so.

My goals for the rest of the weekend involve getting furniture into the proper rooms, finishing the hook-up of various electronics, and offering spare “stuff” on Freecycle, and hanging pictures on the walls.

I need to water the tomatoes and roses outside, so I might as well feed and water the indoor plants while I’m at it. I might need to reapply Bitter End to the indoor plants and furniture.

I’ve been doing lots of homework too. I’m alternating homework and house stuff so that I don’t get too stiff from sitting and don’t wear myself out by overdoing physical work.

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