Saturday Miscellany

Whee! I’m wearing shorts that I couldn’t get into for the last two summers!

I don’t know why I kept them, to be honest. But I did, and I’m wearing them today. There’s just a tad tighter in the waist than I’d really prefer, but then I usually wear my clothing so loose that it hardly touches me anywhere.

I finally changed to new contacts today, too. I hadn’t kept up with how long I’d been wearing them, and they’re disposables. Since I had sorta fallen off wearing them, it didn’t seem like very long. But the new ones feel SO good in comparison, that obviously it was time to do it.

I made tuna salad yesterday. Unfortunately, my body will no longer tolerate even the tiny amount of onion that I put in the salad, so I had horrific cramps soon after having my sandwich. But it tastes so GOOD!

sambear and shadowkatt are returning without another couch. It’s a sleeper sofa, and the muscle on hand at joyeuse13‘s home at the moment isn’t sufficient to get it out of the house and into the truck. We have marvelous neighbors to help on this end, but that doesn’t help over there. We’ll have to arrange a rendezvous with heavy lifters to get the sleeper sofa here.

I’m a college student, so this headline got my attention: Beware of ‘stealth’ college costs: SAT tutors, campus visits add thousands to the bill

HA! They’re talking about people spending $7k to “prepare” their son to take the SAT, and $2k for a “tutor” to take the boy through the application process.

The SAT is supposed to measure what you’re learned throughout your time in school. And if you can’t manage to navigate the application process, how the hell are you going to manage to deal with the bureaucracy that pervades academia anyway?

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