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Yes, I am a postin’ ho today. I’ve let things I meant to share build up late­ly, but real­ly, I’ll try to spread the rest of them out over the next few days.

I want some new LJ icons. I’m graph­i­cal­ly impaired and can’t make them look like I want.

I was hurt­ing too much to go to Pet­co to final­ize the adop­tion of Kar­li (for­mer­ly Iris) with sam­bear and curiousmay9. That was­n’t exact­ly a tragedy, as the lady from the res­cue group was­n’t actu­al­ly at the des­ig­nat­ed Pet­co for some rea­son. So that’s been resched­uled anyway.

I tried Pan­da AntiVirus and unin­stalling it total­ly FUBAR’ed my sys­tem. I had to rein­stall Win­dows, and I am still rein­stalling var­i­ous appli­ca­tions. I am TICKED! I can’t find my Macro­me­dia install media, which means I can’t rein­stall Home­Site and some oth­er apps prop­er­ly (don’t have the ser­i­al num­bers else­where), which means that I can’t do some home­work and web updates that I need to do.

I’m back to Nor­ton Inter­net Secu­ri­ty Pro, the tri­al of the 2004 ver­sion. I was get­ting mes­sages gen­er­at­ed by MyDoom, but nei­ther NAV 2003 nor Pan­da were scream­ing about them (of course, I did­n’t open the attach­ments!). So yes, it’s time to upgrade. 

NIS Pro is expen­sive, but I’m going to look around to see if I can find a stu­dent dis­count price for it.

sam­bear finds the soft­ware fire­wall high­ly annoy­ing. I think that it adds an impor­tant lay­er of secu­ri­ty since the hard­ware fire­wall does­n’t real­ly con­trol out­go­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions (say, from a tro­jan or spy­ware). (No, we don’t go fil­ing abuse reports about sup­posed “intru­sion attempts.”)

The 2004 ver­sion also adds a spy­ware mod­ule. I’m not yet con­vinced that it is as good as Spy­bot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, or SpySweep­er.

I am, how­ev­er, com­ing to the con­clu­sion that I need to do a full antivirus and anti-spy­ware scan with some prod­uct oth­er than the one(s) I keep run­ning all the time at least once a week. Noth­ing seems to beat the com­bi­na­tion of dif­fer­ent products.

I wish cen­tral admin­is­tra­tion for antivirus, anti-spy­ware, patch instal­la­tion, and the like were afford­able for home users. We only have three PCs run­ning Win­dows now (not count­ing curiousmay9’s work lap­top), but sam­bear and shad­owkatt don’t share my lev­el of rea­son­able para­noia regard­ing such things. It would be far eas­i­er if I could just push such updates to them.

Oooo—this just came through my email. Home­School Mania. I want the Cau­tion: Unso­cial­ized Home­school­ers and Xtreme Home­school­er tees. Well, okay, I’m not actu­al­ly wild about their designs, but I like the slo­gans and want them on bet­ter-designed shirts.

I also want a bumper stick­er some­one on no_pity men­tioned see­ing: Want my park­ing space? Have my dis­abil­i­ty! I haven’t yet found a source, though. A Want to use the scoot­er? Have my dis­abil­i­ty! but­ton for use while on a scoot­er at big stores like Home Depot and Tar­get would also be nice.

I haven’t seen the “print them your­self” bumper stick­er labels around late­ly. I did find some for sale on a cou­ple of web­sites. Does any­body know if they’re any good? The abil­i­ty to make my own bumper stick­ers would prob­a­bly be very dangerous.

FreeCy­cle mod­er­a­tion was tak­ing up too much time, so I added more mod­er­a­tors. There are 2000+ mem­bers on the list I mod­er­ate, and that’s WITHOUT any real pub­lic­i­ty! Two of the new mod­er­a­tors do noth­ing but take care of pend­ing sub­scrip­tion requests since we ask that peo­ple tell us where in the Atlanta area they live when they join the list.

I would hap­pi­ly pay for a Yahoo!Groups-like sys­tem that gave me the abil­i­ty to set things like “nobody can go no mail” (use spe­cial notices) or “show me all the peo­ple on mod­er­a­tion” and a way to add com­ments to mem­ber list­ings. The web-based fea­tures are nice enough that I don’t want to move all my lists to our own serv­er, and the famil­iar­i­ty of Yahoo!Groups is impor­tant when deal­ing with the most­ly-non-tech­ni­cal mem­bers on these lists.

It’s real­ly the nation­al FreeCy­cle mod­er­a­tors’ list that’s crazy. Hun­dreds and hun­dreds of mes­sages a day, despite hav­ing the list con­fig­ured to that respons­es default to only going to the poster! I under­stand that the list is full of pas­sion­ate, opin­ion­at­ed peo­ple. I ful­ly acknowl­edge that I’m part of the prob­lem. Some of the mes­sages, though, are clear­ly “me too” crap or things that are only of use to the orig­i­nal poster. If it were up to me, that list would be in full mod­er­a­tion for a while. I cer­tain­ly don’t have time to vol­un­teer for that, though!

bon­es­teel­mom and dra­cofrost’s father1Tell me why he does­n’t have an LJ of his own, dra­cofrost? are help­ing with the CHE list, which is love­ly. hopeev­ey is my back­up on the Mag­ick­Stitch­es2I did NOT name the list. I took it over at the request of the founder. I don’t put a “k” in “mag­ic” myself. It’s sil­ly. Don’t both­er to explain. I know why some peo­ple do it. I still find it sil­ly. list, which is a major help to me.

I need anoth­er mod for the AtlantaStitch­ers list. It’s pret­ty low-vol­ume, but I would like to have some­one take care of things when I can’t get around to them.

Oh, yeah—I got an email yes­ter­day from CNN, want­i­ng to do an inter­view this week (not about FreeCy­cle, prob­a­bly about inter­net safe­ty). I need to respond but haven’t yet decid­ed whether I real­ly want to do it. It’s sor­ta old news for me.

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