Put a Fork in Me

I’m done. BUT—so is the Home Depot that curiousmay9 and I visited. Just ask sambear—he’ll tell you we brought home large portions of the store.

Or, at least, it feels like it.

We got

  • Asian lilies
  • Lots of potting soil and leaf mulch
  • Two shepherd’s crook poles for mounting birdfeeders
  • A blower/vacuum/mulcher thingie. It should make short work of the dreaded magnolila droppings
  • A shelf unit for the seed starting pots
  • Said pots
  • Lots of plant label sticks
  • Filters for the HVAC system. You are changing yours monthly, too, right?
  • Window A/C unit for our bedroom. sambear and I like to sleep in an arctic zone
  • Straight-razor blades for cleaning the cooktop (the maid expressed a preference for that tool)
  • A knife to hold those blades (because I can’t stand the thought of her trying to hold the little blades and cramping her hand)
  • A new lock for the shed door. The current one was intended as a fence latch, and it locked shadowkatt into the shed last week. We learned of this because curiousmay9 looked out the kitchen window, then said, “Is there a reason Katie is climbing out the shed window?” We were proud of her for being resourceful instead of doing the damsel in distress thing.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, but it was a productive day. I’m really more worried about curiousmay9, as she got all the bare root plants in the ground after we got home.

I’m planning the front and back porch container gardens now. One gets full sun, the other is always shaded. This is way too much fun.

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