What Would You Do If Ordered to Put Your Toddler On a 500-Calorie Diet?

The lock-up diet

Although obe­si­ty has not yet been crim­i­nalised in the USA, it is pos­si­ble to have your three-year-old child tak­en from you for the offence of ‘allow­ing’ her to become fat. That is the stark les­son of the Ana­marie Regi­no saga, which con­tin­ues to play out in Albu­querque, New Mex­i­co. The sto­ry of what was done to a child and her par­ents by an assort­ment of doc­tors, social work­ers, and gov­ern­ment bureau­crats is a chill­ing tale of what can hap­pen when peo­ple of mod­est means and social sta­tus find them­selves, through no fault of their own, fac­ing the full brunt of the prej­u­dice that fuels the war on fat.

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