How NOT to Design a Website

We recent­ly start­ed receiv­ing Biog­ra­phy mag­a­zine. I’m assum­ing it has to be relat­ed to somehow—we just get ran­dom mag­a­zines any­more. In any case, these sub­scrip­tions are going to our old mail­ing address, so when­ev­er one arrives I try to put in a change of address for it.

Accord­ing to the FAQ at the Biog­ra­phy Mag­a­zine site, you can change your mail­ing address on that site, by sim­ply click­ing on the head­er that says “Sub­scribe Now!” (Yes, it’s coun­ter­in­tu­itive to those who already have a sub­scrip­tion, but that’s the least of their problems.)

There isn’t such a head­er, or if there is I can’t find it.

Now, there’s anoth­er FAQ item about how to sub­scribe, which leads to dif­fer­ent URLs. So I tried those—and they come up 404.

I can’t remem­ber when I last sent an actu­al change of address card by snail mail, but I’m not about to go through the “cut the label off the mag­a­zine cov­er and stick it to a post­card” yad­da yad­da yad­da. I mean, for one thing, I’d have to find a stamp.

They’re pre­sum­ably los­ing mon­ey because peo­ple who want to give them mon­ey for a sub­scrip­tion can’t do so eas­i­ly. Would­n’t you think that who­ev­er paid lots of mon­ey to have the site put up would notice that lit­tle detail?

Edit: Using the “con­tact us” form gets you a mes­sage say­ing that some­one will con­tact you soon. An autore­sponse repeat­ing that reas­sur­ance arrives in your email imme­di­ate­ly. And almost as quick­ly, anoth­er mes­sage say­ing that they don’t have time to actu­al­ly read any mes­sages arrives, direct­ing you to the same FAQ that did­n’t answer your ques­tions before.

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