I’m in extreme e-mail withdrawal, as I haven’t been able to read most of my accounts since Thursday. I hate being between machines. I’ve offered several things on Freecycle, and the responses are going to be waiting for me. One person actually responded to my Yahoo! account, which I don’t use at all. I wouldn’t even have noticed it except for an odd coincidence.

That should be fixed today at some point. Yay!

sambear got things set up so that I could surf wirelessly. I was worried about a slowdown, but 802.11g is great!

Happy Happy Cyn!

I might have found the clue that is getting in the way of having the laptop join the domain. Apparently, there’s a registry hack required to make XP Pro play nicely with a Samba domain.

I believe, however, that we’re close to needing another rebuild on the domain server. Sam likes SUSE much better than Red Hat, and I think we might go up to Samba 3.0. I’d really like to get a 200GB drive for the kitchen PC, as it’s going to be the MP3 server now. The MP3 hard drive in the domain server is very close to being full, even after shadowkatt moved a bunch of files to her own hard drive.

We have to surrender mayremi to her mother soon. Boo! We like having her around. We have, however, had several more days with her than we expected. That’s a lovely bonus.

sambear is making steaks tonight, partly as a treat for mayremi. Her mother has gone vegetarian and is inflicting (mayremi‘s word!) that on the rest of the family. The poor girl craves MEAT, so we try to make sure she gets plenty of it while she’s here.

Last night we had yummy pork chops. sambear is a marvelous cook.

Lots of activity today. curiousmay9 is getting the girls to help her.

shadowkatt has gotten more painting done in her room. Very, very slowly. We need to finish our trim, as well. Since we’re moving bookcases out to the garage and unpacking books into them, it’ll be easier to get to the trim. I found some marvelous trim tools at Home Depot that make the process MUCH easier.

Since we’re going to be replacing the carpet here (with used carpet from another source that’s a better color and not water-damaged), we don’t really need to worry about getting paint on the carpet. That removes the need for putting down dangerously slippery plastic, which is much better for me.

After we make more room in here, we’re hoping to add a futon sofabed to our sitting room. That’ll make gaming with other adults easier, as it’ll be less subject to interruption. curiousmay9 is a social gamer. While she certainly tries to be polite, she doesn’t quite “get” the difficulty that interruptions present to people who are more serious about their roleplaying. It’s more polite to avoid taking up space in front of the TV when others may want to watch it, too.

Oh—if you happen to have an unwanted futon and/or frame, we’d be more than happy to give it a home 🙂

I just got off the phone with a lovely new Freecycler, Susan. She’s hoping to meet like-minded people via the list. We had a lovely chat. She’s giving a great Oriental-type screen to shadowkatt—yay!

Yes, I’m very scattered. Many days of a great deal of pain cause me to get more and more ADD-ish. Sorry!

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