I’m in extreme e‑mail with­draw­al, as I haven’t been able to read most of my accounts since Thurs­day. I hate being between machines. I’ve offered sev­er­al things on Freecy­cle, and the respons­es are going to be wait­ing for me. One per­son actu­al­ly respond­ed to my Yahoo! account, which I don’t use at all. I would­n’t even have noticed it except for an odd coincidence.

That should be fixed today at some point. Yay!

sam­bear got things set up so that I could surf wire­less­ly. I was wor­ried about a slow­down, but 802.11g is great!

Hap­py Hap­py Cyn!

I might have found the clue that is get­ting in the way of hav­ing the lap­top join the domain. Appar­ent­ly, there’s a reg­istry hack required to make XP Pro play nice­ly with a Sam­ba domain.

I believe, how­ev­er, that we’re close to need­ing anoth­er rebuild on the domain serv­er. Sam likes SUSE much bet­ter than Red Hat, and I think we might go up to Sam­ba 3.0. I’d real­ly like to get a 200GB dri­ve for the kitchen PC, as it’s going to be the MP3 serv­er now. The MP3 hard dri­ve in the domain serv­er is very close to being full, even after shad­owkatt moved a bunch of files to her own hard drive.

We have to sur­ren­der mayre­mi to her moth­er soon. Boo! We like hav­ing her around. We have, how­ev­er, had sev­er­al more days with her than we expect­ed. That’s a love­ly bonus.

sam­bear is mak­ing steaks tonight, part­ly as a treat for mayre­mi. Her moth­er has gone veg­e­tar­i­an and is inflict­ing (mayre­mi’s word!) that on the rest of the fam­i­ly. The poor girl craves MEAT, so we try to make sure she gets plen­ty of it while she’s here.

Last night we had yum­my pork chops. sam­bear is a mar­velous cook.

Lots of activ­i­ty today. curiousmay9 is get­ting the girls to help her.

shad­owkatt has got­ten more paint­ing done in her room. Very, very slow­ly. We need to fin­ish our trim, as well. Since we’re mov­ing book­cas­es out to the garage and unpack­ing books into them, it’ll be eas­i­er to get to the trim. I found some mar­velous trim tools at Home Depot that make the process MUCH easier. 

Since we’re going to be replac­ing the car­pet here (with used car­pet from anoth­er source that’s a bet­ter col­or and not water-dam­aged), we don’t real­ly need to wor­ry about get­ting paint on the car­pet. That removes the need for putting down dan­ger­ous­ly slip­pery plas­tic, which is much bet­ter for me.

After we make more room in here, we’re hop­ing to add a futon sofabed to our sit­ting room. That’ll make gam­ing with oth­er adults eas­i­er, as it’ll be less sub­ject to inter­rup­tion. curiousmay9 is a social gamer. While she cer­tain­ly tries to be polite, she does­n’t quite “get” the dif­fi­cul­ty that inter­rup­tions present to peo­ple who are more seri­ous about their role­play­ing. It’s more polite to avoid tak­ing up space in front of the TV when oth­ers may want to watch it, too.

Oh—if you hap­pen to have an unwant­ed futon and/or frame, we’d be more than hap­py to give it a home 🙂

I just got off the phone with a love­ly new Freecy­cler, Susan. She’s hop­ing to meet like-mind­ed peo­ple via the list. We had a love­ly chat. She’s giv­ing a great Ori­en­tal-type screen to shad­owkatt—yay!

Yes, I’m very scat­tered. Many days of a great deal of pain cause me to get more and more ADD-ish. Sorry!

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