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You know it was a busy day that got out of hand when you start a post with the sub­ject “Mon­day mus­ings” on Mon­day morning—then don’t actu­al­ly fin­ish and post it ’til Tues­day. Well, I hope I get it done today. I decid­ed to leave the sub­ject line alone, in any case.

Teen Suc­cess­ful­ly Fights Off Bear
“I think he is the biggest, bad­dest thing in the woods. He punched the bear,” Pry­sun­ka said.

Well, yep, I think the kid earned that sta­tus. Except that he isn’t in the woods now. I fig­ure he’ll be dis­ap­point­ed that his name was­n’t mentioned.

Wow. CNN would hap­pi­ly send me notice of every sto­ry with the word “bear” in it. I had no idea they were so seri­ous about their news alerts.

Okay. We real­ly live here now. I’ve turned the Jeho­vah’s Wit­ness­es away from the door.

One of the ick­i­est things about mov­ing is find­ing every­thing again. Find­ing a decent Chi­nese restau­rant takes tri­al and error. It’s impor­tant, too. We can’t get into seri­ous geek­ery with­out Chi­nese food show­ing up. It’s the law.

Speak­ing of find­ing things–this is REALLY close to us: Sun Val­ley Beach. I’m think­ing sam­bear and shad­owkatt will real­ly like to know about that. curiousmay9 is a water baby, too.

curiousmay9 has tak­en over Tues­day night shad­owkatt transport—YAY! That’s the longest dri­ve for her week­ly activ­i­ties, and it involves a two-hour wait in an area with NOTHING to do but sit in the car. Which would be okay with a book, except for my bro­ken body that can’t walk after sit­ting that long any­way. If there were a Bor­ders or good cof­fee shop near­by, I real­ly would­n’t mind so much. Our love­ly house­mate’s help means more con­ti­nu­ity for shad­owkatt and less dri­ving for me and sam­bear, which is incredible.

curiousmay9 stud­ies mar­tial arts her­self, and was impressed with the stu­dio and instruc­tors. That gives me a good feeling.

It seems that shad­owkatt will be tak­ing dance through the sum­mer, too. Hap­pi­ly, all three of her class­es will be on one night. Her stu­dio is clos­er to SPSU than to our cur­rent home. As it stands now, my sum­mer cours­es will have me on cam­pus for LONG days two days a week—happily, one is the same as dance night. So she’ll prob­a­bly go with me, and I’ll drop her off for her class­es and pick her up after we’re both done.

I’m going to ask my delight­ful advi­sor and depart­ment head to help me out by giv­ing me some­where qui­et to work between classes—especially if I can get access to a PC with net access. Or can at least use a lap­top, should I man­age to get one. The library is way across cam­pus with lots of stairs and hills between me and it. The stu­dent cen­ter is even fur­ther and is NOT a good place to study. All my class­es are in one build­ing, so I’ll have far more ener­gy for aca­d­e­mics if I’m able to have some rest in between. If it’s a place where shad­owkatt can sit and work too, so much the bet­ter! Much of the build­ing is emp­ty dur­ing the sum­mer, so I doubt it’s going to be a problem.

Oh—shad­owkatt men­tioned her aching joints to her bal­let teacher, who told her EXACTLY what I’ve said. It was sug­gest­ed that she build the mus­cles around the joints, and said that Pilates would be a great way to do that. So now the girl is inter­est­ed in more than the rock-climb­ing wall at the YMCA. Hey, only anoth­er 17 years or so ’til she starts think­ing I’m a lit­tle smarter than a tur­tle on a fence post!

Some­thing is real­ly pound­ing me, aller­gy-wise, today. I’m not sure what it is, but it isn’t just at home—it was also hap­pen­ing at school, too. I know the pollen counts are astro­nom­i­cal, but some­thing is much more present today than pre­vi­ous­ly. Blah.

Crud—Wizard is, as I’d feared, stalk­ing Shel­ley every time she uses her lit­ter­box. shad­owkatt just caught him at it and soaked him in the kitchen sink. He imme­di­ate­ly came back to stalk Shel­ley again! I do NOT want Shel­ley to have any rea­son to fear doing her busi­ness in the appro­pri­ate place. Her box is down­stairs, and there’s anoth­er upstairs—of course, all the cats use both (I think—I haven’t seen Shel­ley go upstairs yet). I’m not sure how to resolve the prob­lem oth­er than watch­ing close­ly. I don’t want to put Shel­ley’s box back into our bath­room, because that means she spends nights in here. Nei­ther the Bear nor I sleep well with a crit­ter roam­ing around.

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