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You know it was a busy day that got out of hand when you start a post with the subject “Monday musings” on Monday morning—then don’t actually finish and post it ’til Tuesday. Well, I hope I get it done today. I decided to leave the subject line alone, in any case.

Teen Successfully Fights Off Bear
“I think he is the biggest, baddest thing in the woods. He punched the bear,” Prysunka said.

Well, yep, I think the kid earned that status. Except that he isn’t in the woods now. I figure he’ll be disappointed that his name wasn’t mentioned.

Wow. CNN would happily send me notice of every story with the word “bear” in it. I had no idea they were so serious about their news alerts.

Okay. We really live here now. I’ve turned the Jehovah’s Witnesses away from the door.

One of the ickiest things about moving is finding everything again. Finding a decent Chinese restaurant takes trial and error. It’s important, too. We can’t get into serious geekery without Chinese food showing up. It’s the law.

Speaking of finding things–this is REALLY close to us: Sun Valley Beach. I’m thinking sambear and shadowkatt will really like to know about that. curiousmay9 is a water baby, too.

curiousmay9 has taken over Tuesday night shadowkatt transport—YAY! That’s the longest drive for her weekly activities, and it involves a two-hour wait in an area with NOTHING to do but sit in the car. Which would be okay with a book, except for my broken body that can’t walk after sitting that long anyway. If there were a Borders or good coffee shop nearby, I really wouldn’t mind so much. Our lovely housemate’s help means more continuity for shadowkatt and less driving for me and sambear, which is incredible.

curiousmay9 studies martial arts herself, and was impressed with the studio and instructors. That gives me a good feeling.

It seems that shadowkatt will be taking dance through the summer, too. Happily, all three of her classes will be on one night. Her studio is closer to SPSU than to our current home. As it stands now, my summer courses will have me on campus for LONG days two days a week—happily, one is the same as dance night. So she’ll probably go with me, and I’ll drop her off for her classes and pick her up after we’re both done.

I’m going to ask my delightful advisor and department head to help me out by giving me somewhere quiet to work between classes—especially if I can get access to a PC with net access. Or can at least use a laptop, should I manage to get one. The library is way across campus with lots of stairs and hills between me and it. The student center is even further and is NOT a good place to study. All my classes are in one building, so I’ll have far more energy for academics if I’m able to have some rest in between. If it’s a place where shadowkatt can sit and work too, so much the better! Much of the building is empty during the summer, so I doubt it’s going to be a problem.

Oh—shadowkatt mentioned her aching joints to her ballet teacher, who told her EXACTLY what I’ve said. It was suggested that she build the muscles around the joints, and said that Pilates would be a great way to do that. So now the girl is interested in more than the rock-climbing wall at the YMCA. Hey, only another 17 years or so ’til she starts thinking I’m a little smarter than a turtle on a fence post!

Something is really pounding me, allergy-wise, today. I’m not sure what it is, but it isn’t just at home—it was also happening at school, too. I know the pollen counts are astronomical, but something is much more present today than previously. Blah.

Crud—Wizard is, as I’d feared, stalking Shelley every time she uses her litterbox. shadowkatt just caught him at it and soaked him in the kitchen sink. He immediately came back to stalk Shelley again! I do NOT want Shelley to have any reason to fear doing her business in the appropriate place. Her box is downstairs, and there’s another upstairs—of course, all the cats use both (I think—I haven’t seen Shelley go upstairs yet). I’m not sure how to resolve the problem other than watching closely. I don’t want to put Shelley’s box back into our bathroom, because that means she spends nights in here. Neither the Bear nor I sleep well with a critter roaming around.

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