What’s “Enough”?

Where do you get your idea of what’s “enough” to do in a day? 

It’s one thing to just say, “I know when I’ve done enough.” But when you’re in part­ner­ship with some­one else, you need to have a mutu­al­ly agreed-upon stan­dard of some sort. 

I have no idea how my par­ents arrived at their extreme Puri­tan work eth­ic standard—did they both get it from their own par­ents? I think they prob­a­bly did. I don’t know how to go about nego­ti­at­ing any­thing else, though.

Part of the prob­lem is that it does­n’t leave any room for there being any oth­er stan­dard. There’s a pret­ty strong “I’m right and you’re wrong” ten­den­cy (at least, I have one) when it comes to this kind of thing.

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