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MENSA-PAUSE: A hot flash caused by deep, pro­found think­ing. “I had a Men­sa-pause dur­ing today’s math test.”
(From the Buzz­Whack newsletter)

I need­ed that laugh. I over­did it over the week­end, and every­thing hurts even more than usual.

I’m extreme­ly annoyed that the pro­lif­er­a­tion of crap­py web­sites try­ing to sell pre­scrip­tion drugs (prob­a­bly run by spam­mers) is mak­ing it far more dif­fi­cult for me to find use­ful infor­ma­tion about pre­scrip­tion drugs via Google. I can’t even find the man­u­fac­tur­er’s sites eas­i­ly to see if they have patient assis­tance pro­grams! This is a change in the last month or so. I hope Google does some­thing to beat them down soon. Hmph.

I’m hav­ing weird key­board issues with my PC. At first, I thought it was my wire­less key­board, and we took it back to Best Buy to be replaced under the war­ran­ty. Nope, their tech insist­ed that it works prop­er­ly. But it won’t work prop­er­ly on Sam’s PC, either, so some­thing must be wonky. The old MS Nat­ur­al Key­board Pro I’m using now most­ly works—except that the left-hand CTRL and ALT keys won’t work some­times. That’s how the trou­ble start­ed with the wire­less key­board. I’ve nev­er encoun­tered this sort of thing in 13 years of play­ing with PCs of my own. I won­der if some­thing in the key­board con­nec­tor for this PC is messed up? Hmmm.

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