More Hard Drive Woes

So yes, fixed the MBR on my hard dri­ve. I used the disk util­i­ty that came with the dri­ve when we bought it 3 years ago—one vic­to­ry for being a pack­rat! 😉 I end­ed up hav­ing to do a low-lev­el for­mat that took all night. That kept Sam’s PC down because I had to do it from a bootable machine.

My machine still refus­es to boot from any­thing BUT a hard dri­ve. Yes, I’ve set things up prop­er­ly in the BIOS. It’s just stu­pid. I guess that’s one of the rea­sons this thing was thrown out as trash by Sam’s for­mer employ­er, huh? So next comes putting it back on Sam’s PC, unhook­ing his hard dri­ve, and mak­ing the hard dri­ve bootable. I have boot disks for Win­ME, but they give me the incred­i­bly un-help­ful mes­sage that “Win­dows no longer sup­ports /s” when I try for­mat /s, and a sim­i­lar mes­sage when I try to use the sys com­mand. Grrr.

I appre­ci­ate the point­ers from the help­ful folks who’ve posted 🙂

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