Sleep Cat-Retrieval?

So something weird happened Monday night, and I kept meaning to post about it and didn’t get around to doing so.

To preface, because of fibromyalgia, I take pretty strong medicine at bedtime to help me sleep, Ambien. Within about 30 minutes of taking the stuff, I am pretty much OUT for the night. I will continue to be out until I wake up in the morning, anywhere from 8-10 hours later. If I am awakened before my body decides that it’s time to get up, I get a nasty migraine.

Apparently, I have had conversations with sambear in the evenings and mornings at times, with absolutely no memory of them later because I wasn’t truly awake.

Monday night, we were in bed and I was quite definitely out. Katie keeps her blinds open a little at times and can see the cul-de-sac and some of our front yard and driveway from her bed. Obviously, she was wakeful and bored that night. She saw a car drive up and park in front of our house, and two men get out carrying what looked like lawn-sized trash bags. They walked into our drive and back around the house and didn’t come back.

So Katie gets up and wakes sambear, who takes a look around, can’t find these guys, looks at the car, and decides to call the police. A cop came in about two minutes and investigated, but couldn’t find where these guys had gone either. It was extremely weird.

While sambear was outside talking to the cop, Shelley (the cat) got out. He couldn’t catch her, and he wouldn’t let Katie (still wakeful and up to see what was happening) go out to try because she was wearing a sleep shirt. And suddenly I appeared, fully dressed (right down to sneakers—which I hardly ever wear), and went out to get the cat. sambear says he tried to stop me because I was “somnolent” and he was afraid I’d fall down the stairs, and I mumbled something at him and went out anyway.

Apparently, I did retrieve Shelley, came inside, went back to the bedroom, undressed, and fell back into the bed.

I don’t remember ANY of this stuff. Tuesday morning, we were getting ready to go on the Girl Scout trip. Shelley walked by and I suddenly remembered what I thought had been a dream, of her walking ahead of me, just out of my reach, through a very shaded outdoor area. I remembered being struck by how well her tortie coloring blended in with the leaves and pine straw and shadows and knew that if she wanted to lose me she could do so easily. I mentioned the dream, and sambear turned around and said “No, that was real.” Huh? So then he told me about what had happened the night before.

That’s just too strange. Unremembered conversations I can handle. But getting fully dressed and going outside to chase a cat, and not remembering it? That’s way weird.

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