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hope_evey, do you read hip_domestics? There was a post there just now that made me think of you 🙂


You can’t really understand what a major achievement that is until you understand that we had years of papers, dating back to before Sam and I knew each other, that had never been properly filed. Seriously—we both had boxes of papers. We started going through them a year or two ago, and have thrown away more and more until we reached the current point. All of the files now live in folders, neatly organized so that I can find what’s in them at need. There are no piles of paper anywhere. None. The folders aren’t labeled as nicely as I’d like, and I don’t promise that anybody but me can find stuff, but all the papers are filed.

I have one half-full box of receipts that I need to put in Quicken so that I can throw most of them away and file any that might be needed in the future. That shouldn’t take long, though I’ll have to do it in small batches to be nice to my body.

We still haven’t found some of my prescriptions and one important insurance document. I know they’re all here, but they’re hiding terribly well. I took care of lots of correspondence so that the stuff in the “to-do” piles could be filed properly. I also did the twice-yearly round of requesting credit reports for both of us from all three of the big credit bureaus, just to keep an eye on things. I think I’ll put that on my calendar, in fact, so that I just get a reminder every six months.

Sam helped me do a bit of rearranging in the office so that I could put the file carts into the closet. I need to put away some supplies, but that won’t take long. We also improved the retreat nest in the bedroom. Sam’s been using it more than me lately, as he’s discovered how very comfortable the recliner is when he needs a quiet space to write.

Now I’m beginning the process of rebuilding the OS on my PC. I’ve got most things backed up to the server, but I can’t figure out where Webshots stores its data files. I like my pretty pictures. I know they’re encrypted somehow in an attempt to keep people from using them anywhere but in the application, but I can’t find any likely candidates. I can’t imagine that they actually add them to the program file itself, do they? That would get HUGE, no matter how good their image compression might be.

Sam rebuilt the guest room computer to use Linux so that it’s more stable. It’s talking to its CD burner and everything! Isn’t that neat? We just need to set it up in there now, and guests will be able to get on the web for email easily.

He’s working on building a new machine for a friend, then we need to put together his sandbox machine. Then all those old parts can go away to a new home, clearing out lots of space in the guest room. I love decluttering!

Before people arrive for my birthday, I still want to:

Bathe Shelley again
Clean both bathrooms
Get Sam to put the door back on the hall bath linen closet
Hang the last of the full-length mirrors (two are up, the third should be)
Clean out the fridge/freezer
Clean the carpets
Get the guest room ready for actual guests
Finish cleaning Katie’s room (she needs to do that, but it’s important to me that it get done)
Dust everything
Vacuum the living room furniture
Put away all the tools
Put the CDs in order (so we can find the music we want to play)
Put the non-fiction books in order (we’re always wanting to show a particular book to guests and can’t find it)
Fix the hope chest lid
Put legs on the jewelry chest

After all this stuff is done, I need to go about getting my crafts stuff better organized, too.

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