Court Hearing Coming

Well, at 9am we go back to court for another hearing—Juvenile Court this time. We expect that a guardian ad litem will be appointed.

The ex-wife has supposedly filed a motion asking the judge to issue orders saying that she can have the kids any time she’s in town, ignoring the visitation schedule. We filed an answer asking that the current schedule be observed, as the other judge ordered. If she gets her way, she’ll get the kids tomorrow evening. That means they’d miss the kid gaming scheduled here at our place, which would suck. Tonight G told me that her mother said she WOULD see the kids this weekend no matter what the judge says, which isn’t very reassuring—especially since the ex paid off some old fines and got her driver’s license back. She’s borrowed a friend’s car and is therefore far more mobile than before. Not a happy thing for someone who tried to break your door down in the past.

Happy, low-drama, a judge with common sense who will see through her “I’m a good mother” act vibes are much appreciated. We really want a good guardian ad litem, too.

I got my hair cut and colored again today, so at least I feel much more confident about how I look. I haven’t decided what I’ll wear yet, though. I’m thinking a business suit won’t send the right message, but my favorite “sweet stay-at-home mom” dress is short-sleeved. Hmph. Not sure what to do there. I have no excuse for wearing the Girl Scout leader stuff 🙂

shadowkatt went to work with sambear today—she’s started volunteering there one day a week, and for the first three weeks she also has officious volunteer training from 6-9. That makes for a very long day! And they’re just now getting home because after her class sambear discovered that once again, the housekeeping staff did not prepare the conference room for an important meeting in the morning. He had to do it, which sucks. And I want to beat the guy who was supposed to do it and kept my loved ones out so late!

real_pochacco got his glasses tonight! They look delightfully geeky —small oval frames that really suit his face. He was running about marveling at how many things he’d missed seeing before. Since his uncorrected vision was only 20/70 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, I was surprised that they made such a big difference.

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