Friday Frittering

I’ve nev­er had a rea­son to walk into a Bath & Body Works store before. Now I know they car­ry Burt’s Bees prod­ucts, so I do. shad­owkatt got some in her Christ­mas stock­ing last year and has loved them, so I think we’ll go on a girly trip when we get money.

Sam­ba stopped talk­ing to the world. I have to get into the Lin­ux box and fig­ure out why. For now, I can­not get into the email down­loaded before yes­ter­day, or to some of the oth­er files I want.

sam­bear need­ed the car today, so he took shad­owkatt to see her neu­rol­o­gist, then he’ll drop her off at a friend’s house for a sleep­over, then he’s off to Jim­my K’s place again. We have alone time planned tonight for the first time in the last month or so!

The neu­rol­o­gist vis­it is just a check-in since he has­n’t seen her in over a year but con­tin­ues to pre­scribe the Requip she takes for her rest­less leg syn­drome. Thank­ful­ly, she has­n’t had a migraine in a long time—a year, maybe? I’m hop­ing she won’t have any­more, ever.

I do need to call her ortho­don­tist today and resched­ule Mon­day’s appoint­ment to get the wires on for her braces. The oral sur­geon decid­ed not to pull the teeth when he saw her this week, so that can’t hap­pen ’til next Thurs­day, and the wires need to be done after that. (Done—now wires go on Sep­tem­ber 4.)

We had much fun last night gam­ing with tbrents and LJless Jere­mi­ah. shad­owkatt joined the game, as well. I played the “baby” ver­sion of the bard, Tarafear, who I played in our long-run­ning Stars & Garters cam­paign and still play in our high-lev­el home game, Rose & Crown. There are times when it real­ly is more fun to play a low­er-lev­el char­ac­ter because you have to be MUCH more cre­ative in deal­ing with problems.

I real­ly love my class­es. We had a great dis­cus­sion in one of my cours­es yes­ter­day about the­o­ries of edu­ca­tion. I learned that I’m a “con­struc­tivist.”

We have three texts for that class. One is about Word 2002. The oth­er two are about careers in tech­ni­cal com­mu­ni­ca­tions. The pro­fes­sor has divid­ed the course into two groups, with one book assigned to each group. Those who are fair­ly new to the TCOM pro­gram were assigned a chap­ter of the sim­pler book to sum­ma­rize. Those who are seniors in the pro­gram are to do a pre­sen­ta­tion on a chap­ter of the meati­er book. We got our chap­ters and dates by lot­tery. I’m in the seniors group for some insane rea­son, despite the fact that I’m a sopho­more and this is just my sec­ond semes­ter in the pro­gram. Um, okay. It def­i­nite­ly isn’t an age issue, as there are oth­er “non-tra­di­tion­al” (read: old enough to be par­ents to many of the “tra­di­tion­al” stu­dents) stu­dents in the oth­er group.

Tom, anoth­er TCOM major who is a senior, and I will be act­ing as project coor­di­na­tors for both projects in the web fun­da­men­tals course. He has a back­ground in graph­ics, and I seem to have more HTML back­ground than any of the oth­er stu­dents. That’s going to be interesting.

I think Shel­ley is hav­ing senior moments or some­thing. She begs and begs for food, even when she’s got food. If I go in and move the food that’s there around, some­times she’ll eat it. Some­times she won’t—she just keeps beg­ging. If I open anoth­er can of exact­ly the same thing, she’ll dig into it. I’m refus­ing to feed her more ’til she’s fin­ished what she has today. She’s very, very per­sis­tent. No, cat, you are NOT allowed to climb my bare legs!

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