Yes, I’ve Probably Gone Right Over the Edge

I’m read­ing Sink Reflec­tions, the book by Mar­la Cil­ley (aka Fly­La­dy). A friend loaned me her copy. There’s some inter­est­ing stuff in there, but for me, get­ting to it requires push­ing past the anti-fem­i­nist slant and Chris­t­ian stuff. I’m annoyed by crap like “your own lit­tle hands.” I don’t have lit­tle hands. I have rel­a­tive­ly large hands (for a woman), and they’re damned strong. I can­not imag­ine a man get­ting much out of this, or some­one whose pri­ma­ry SO is female. I’m sup­posed to clean up pee spots while giv­ing thanks to The Lord that I have a man around? (Thank­ful­ly, Sam does­n’t miss—but the idea frosts my pumpkin.)

That kind of mind­set in gen­er­al, though, has been in most of the books I’ve read about home­mak­ing. I can­not be the only woman who is both­ered by this crap. I believe that my spir­i­tu­al focus and ener­gy do invest my efforts around the house with some­thing more than mere dirt removal, but I see that very dif­fer­ent­ly than Fly­La­dy or San­dra Fel­ton or Pam & Peg­gy (the SHE ladies) or any of the oth­er authors I’ve read.

I’ve also encoun­tered more and more peo­ple who sim­ply have NO idea of how to even get start­ed “keep­ing house.” I won’t go into why I think that’s the case here, but it seems to be a grow­ing trend. Many of them would like to live in nicer envi­rons, but they’re over­whelmed and under­skilled. I wrote out explic­it instruc­tions on how to clean each part of our home for Sam and his kids sev­er­al years ago—but I’ve shared those lists with quite a few peo­ple since then because they asked and need­ed them. Quite a few of those peo­ple are liv­ing in non­tra­di­tion­al fam­i­lies, and the lack of ade­quate role mod­els seems to feed into their disarray.

So, um, I’m think­ing about writ­ing a book. I’m a lit­tle unclear in some ways right now because my ideas about mak­ing a home real­ly go beyond house­keep­ing and into par­ent­ing and rela­tion­ships and a lot of oth­er things.

What do y’all think?

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