Book Lust

Now I can have a librar­i­an of my very own! Edit: I need her book: Book Lust: Rec­om­mend­ed Read­ing for Every Mood, Moment and Rea­son by Nan­cy Pearl. Just for the name.

Homecaring Book

So appar­ent­ly a book about home­car­ing (thank you !) for the rest of us might be use­ful. What would you want to see in such a book? What would make you buy it? What kinds of questions/concerns do you have…

Nigerian Scam Spam

Oh my—I just got a PERSONALIZED ver­sion of the Niger­ian scam spam! Only this one pur­ports to be from a lawyer noti­fy­ing me that I am the next of kin to a P.B. Armis­tead who worked for Shell in Togo.…

Silly People

While I admire the truth-in-adver­tis­ing angle of hav­ing a most­­ly-illeg­i­ble sign adver­tis­ing your graph­ic design ser­vices, might I rec­om­mend anoth­er line of work that does not involve type­face selection?

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