Nigerian Scam Spam

Oh my—I just got a PERSONALIZED ver­sion of the Niger­ian scam spam! Only this one pur­ports to be from a lawyer noti­fy­ing me that I am the next of kin to a P.B. Armis­tead who worked for Shell in Togo. The poor, depart­ed engi­neer died with his wife and child in a trag­ic acci­dent, leav­ing no close rel­a­tives. But oh, his attor­ney has final­ly locat­ed ME! And needs my assis­tance in trans­fer­ring the $20.5 mil­lion dol­lars (US) in Mr. Armis­tead­’s bank account before it “gets con­fisi­cat­ed or declared unser­vice­able by the Secu­ri­ty Finance Firm where this huge amount were deposited.”

All else aside, the chances of the ex-wife of a now-deceased Armis­tead (who has liv­ing par­ents, broth­er, and child) being the next-of-kin to any­one named Armis­tead (oth­er than my daugh­ter) are some­what past astronomical.

Does any­body want to play with this guy? I fear I don’t have the time or energy.

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