shadowkatt is home! YAY! I’m so glad to have my baby back. I swear, though—she grew more in the last week. She did have a great time.

I would have posted something last night, but sambear and I are trying a no-PC-time (for us) experiment in the evenings this week. And he made bread last night!

So last week my doctor increased my medications. The sleepy-time med had me a bit worried—I was already SO groggy in the morning! What would happen with doubling the dose? Would I wake up? But after a few days of adjustment, I’m not just waking up—I’m waking up much earlier, as I don’t need as many hours of sleep. That’s very good—I get to see sambear before he goes to work, and I’m awake to enjoy it!

Flylady would be proud. I’m up and fully dressed. Shoes, even. I’m in a lot of pain, though, so I doubt I’ll get as much done today as yesterday. I think I overdid it and I’m paying for it today. But, I
–cleaned the master bath
–changed the sheets on two beds
–cleaned the kitchen completely
–decluttered the living room
–did six loads of laundry (mostly bedding)
–cleaned the fountain
–vacuumed the public areas

And I got all that done before curiousmay9 came over and installed some doorknobs. Thank you! She also brought stain and covered up the cat scratches on the bedroom and bathroom door frames. I need to dilute the stain and touch up some spots on the kitchen cabinets now that I know how easy it is.

I have to go through some storage stuff today because things are just tossed into the space right now and nothing is really accessible. I’d like to clean the windows, too—for some reason the lovely weather makes the smudges unbearable. And I really need to find a place to store the futon. I wish we could afford to just buy a futon frame so we could use it as a couch/bed in the playroom, but that isn’t in the cards right now.

Despite the allergies, I kept the windows open all day yesterday. It was so lovely! I’m going to open them up again today, I think. The fresh air is just too good to miss. Shelley likes it, too—she went around to every window and sniffed the air there, and ended up taking a bit of a nap on each windowsill.

The bed is made, the dishwasher and laundry are going, and I’m feeling all virtuous. Time to get back to work, though!

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