Grunge Levels

Since I could­n’t find the site I referred to here I’m think­ing of doing my own page on the top­ic. There’s one problem—I seem to have been see­ing extremes, so I’m not entire­ly sure where “nor­mal” is. And since someone…


Okay, I KNOW it isn’t a slow news day. So why have I received two inter­view requests from dif­fer­ent media venues today?


shad­owkatt is home! YAY! I’m so glad to have my baby back. I swear, though—she grew more in the last week. She did have a great time. I would have post­ed some­thing last night, but sam­bear and I are try­ing a…

Chicago Review

I like this bit: While Zeta-Jones looked great in “Chicago”—she’s a nice, ful­some size—looking at Renée Zell­weger in a tiny lit­tle flap­per dress is like look­ing at Iggy Pop in a tiny lit­tle flap­per dress, only on Iggy it would at…

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