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Since I could­n’t find the site I referred to here I’m think­ing of doing my own page on the top­ic. There’s one problem—I seem to have been see­ing extremes, so I’m not entire­ly sure where “nor­mal” is. And since some­one has asked me to help her fig­ure out what she needs to do as a min­i­mum, it seems a good idea to ask oth­ers about it.

I am told that I am con­sid­ered, in our social cir­cle, to keep a very clean home. By my fam­i­ly of orig­in’s stan­dards, I’m not a very good house­keep­er (and I’m not even gonna talk about my sec­ond moth­er-in-law’s stan­dards). Spe­cial clean­ing is required any time mem­bers of my fam­i­ly are com­ing here, just so that I’ll feel less anx­ious. There­fore I must not be a good house­keep­er, because you’re sup­posed to keep things that clean 24/7. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my health no longer allows me to keep that stan­dard. I’m hurt­ing so much today from yes­ter­day’s efforts that I’ve been awake since 4 am due to the pain. I cer­tain­ly can’t do that two days in a row, much less every sin­gle day.

I’ve been com­plete­ly appalled by the state of too many res­i­dences (I can’t call them homes) I’ve seen in the last decade. Espe­cial­ly, I’m afraid, with­in the pagan com­mu­ni­ty. Real­ly, real­ly bad. It isn’t a reli­gious issue, I’m sure. It’s just—well, lots of peo­ple in our gen­er­a­tion don’t keep house. At all. Piles of trash you could lose a tod­dler in, the entire house used as an ash­tray, rot­ting food and dirty dish­es left all over the place, a stove that I found it nec­es­sary to take apart to clean before I could stand to cook on it for a potluck, peo­ple liv­ing with whol­ly un-house­bro­ken ani­mals kept indoors who they then did­n’t clean up after—I’ve seen all of those in just the last four years. And I found them real­ly sickening.

A year or two ago I wrote an arti­cle about grunge lev­els, intend­ed for my web­site. I nev­er pub­lished it because sam­bear called it “stri­dent.” So now I’m a lit­tle anx­ious about talk­ing about such things. I know that we had very, very dif­fer­ent stan­dards of house­keep­ing when we met (okay—I kept house, he did­n’t). I’d like to know what oth­ers think.

What kind of clean­ing do you do? How often? Who, in your house­hold, does the clean­ing? At what ages did your chil­dren start help­ing (if they have)?

What’s SUPPOSED to hap­pen around here, and does if I’m able to do it or fam­i­ly mem­bers help:

–Laun­dry (at least a load of tow­els, usu­al­ly at least one load of clothing)
–Kitchen cleaned, dish­es washed, etc. All the sur­faces get wiped down, the floor gets swept (and mopped if there’s any­thing sticky).
–All bath­room sur­faces wiped down and bath­rooms checked to be sure there’s plen­ty of toi­let paper and hand soap and a fresh hand towel
–Pub­lic areas declut­tered and vacuumed
–Trash tak­en out
–Cat­box scooped and the sur­round­ing floor swept
–Bed­rooms picked up and the beds made
–Decks and front porch swept and bird feed­ers & water refilled

–Bath­rooms cleaned completely
–All floors vac­u­umed or swept/mopped
–All sur­faces dusted
–Uphol­stery vacuumed
–Ceil­ings checked for cobwebs
–Sheets changed on all beds
–Yard checked for trash, grass mowed if necessary
–Cat­box emp­tied, scrubbed inside and out, and refilled with fresh litter

–Show­er cur­tains tak­en down and bleached/washed
–All bed­ding (com­forters, pil­lows, etc.) laundered
–Fridge/freezer cleaned out and scrubbed thoroughly
–All cab­i­nets and clos­ets straightened
–Garage straight­ened and swept
–Stor­age area under the stairs straightened
–Fridge coils cleaned
–Kitchen appli­ances moved and the floor under them cleaned
–Light fix­tures cleaned

My real demon is clut­ter. That makes every­thing hard­er. Some­day I’ll fig­ure that one out 🙂

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