Poor Baby

Quiz sillness in an attempt to cheer up…

kind of LJer are you?

Katie has a migraine again. She was looking for something in the car and apparently spent too much time hanging upside down looking under the seats (and since my car stays pretty clean, there shouldn’t be that much under there, so I’m sorta wondering why). Just as being upside down during acrobatics last year seemed to trigger them, this did. And she forgot all about her inhaler until I asked her about it, and then it was too late to use it.

So she’s hiding in the master bedroom, which is the darkest room in the house with the shades drawn. sambear is going out to try to find fabric heavy enough to block the window in her room. A lot of sun comes in there during the day, and there’s a street light that shines right in at night.

I hate it when my baby hurts and I can’t fix it.

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