The trustee for Katie’s trust fund just informed me that he doesn’t want to pay her health insurance premiums anymore because “it’s just wrong” for us to be covered under curiousmay9‘s benefits. Those are domestic partnership benefits, and the asshole is one of those “queers are bad” sorts.

I called his bluff, asking for the trust lawyer’s phone number. I have the number, but I wanted to make it clear that I *would* be calling him.

He protested that calling the lawyer at all costs $750. I explained that $750 is a hell of a lot less than paying medical expenses out of pocket because the girl would be uninsured.

He caved. But I’m still pissed off in a big way.

How dare that bastard try to stand in the way of the ONLY option to insure the child?

The $25 or so increase in the Social Security survivor’s payment for January put us over the income limits for Peachcare.

She’s uninsurable by ANY private carrier (and believe me, I’ve looked) because she’s actually had medical treatment, and allergies and fibromyalgia are ongoing issues.


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