Happy, Um – Is It Tuesday Already? Wow

I’ll blame my general fog on getting pretty much NO sleep from the time I woke Friday morning ’til I went to bed around 10:30 Sunday. Yep, that’s the reason.

So—I didn’t think I would be going to GaFilk. I just couldn’t afford it, what with the whole data recovery thing.

curiousmay9 and shadowkatt had other plans, though. I was handed a kidnapping note explained that I was being swept off by the Viking Valkyries, instructing me to grab the essentials before we left.

Honestly, I didn’t struggle.

The first person I saw was selenite, walking along the sidewalk with Jamie. He’s even more handsome in person and gives marvelously snuggly hugs. selenite, I mean 🙂 His birthday was Saturday, so I didn’t get to give him birthday wishes here. Sorry!

celticdragonfly is bouncier than I thought, and gorgeous. I want them to come back to visit longer. SOON!

Seeing joyeuse13 and spouse, siliconchef and his sweet wife, filkferengi and other folks was great, too.

Both Friday and Saturday night were spent singing all night. Yes, absolutely ALL night. And we got to have breakfast with a sexy bear man afterward!

I didn’t really sleep, though. More on that later.

Music GOOD. I sang ’til my low range was gone, but found that switching to songs in my higher range worked (mostly—I didn’t try to go above about an A above the treble clef).

I was amused when someone tried to tell me that my “problem” (hoarseness from too much singing while out of practice) was that I’m actually an alto, rather than a soprano. Oh, is that why my throat hurt when singing in the ALTO range? Right. Makes lots of sense.

I think I’ll stick with the knowledge that I’m a lyric soprano (possibly dramatic soprano, but more likely lyric).

The same person was being ridiculously pedantic about rhythm with people who definitely had NOT requested her input. It isn’t as if we were doing performances. We were having fun.

Anyway, I tried some pieces I haven’t done before, and they went over very well. celticdragonfly and I got folks singing, “All I Want Is a Proper Cup of Coffee” which went over VERY well. That woman can handle her tongue twisters!

I must get into the habit of going to the monthly filks, at the very least, and hopefully other singing events. This singing for an entire weekend once a year isn’t exactly good for the throat.

Note to self: Pack Throat Coat Tea next year.

mnemex, another new-to-me person, shared some honey liqueur Saturday night/Sunday morning. Woof! My throat felt better but my tongue went numb! Thanks, mnemex 🙂

Thanks to the Valkyries for kidnapping me 🙂

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