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So far this weekend…

Had a good D&D game Friday night with B and J. I really enjoy playing with them. It’s sorta weird—an alternate timeline from the larger D&D game wrapped up the prior Friday night. In that game, we ended up going back and changing the history of that timeline, resulting in the one we’re playing in for the small game. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep the lines and histories separate. sambear has been running games in this universe for—what, 20 years or more now? So there’s a lot of history.

Unfortunately, it seems a friend’s son has lice again, and Katie had signs of them today. So we’re having to do the whole damned treatment thing again. AAAARRRGGGHHH! Because the boy spent Sunday a couple of nights here, and it’s possible that R and G were also exposed. Damn.

Lice are a chronic problem with not one but TWO families we know. Now, it isn’t as much of a big deal with family A anymore, because we’ve backed way off into something more like an acquaintanceship with them anyway. Their older (horribly infested) kid isn’t here without a parent, and we’re about at the point where she won’t be allowed here WITH a parent, though we have enjoyed being around her parents some and I love cuddling their baby. But the parents aren’t authority figures at all and can’t/won’t control their daughter, and she’s a nasty little brat. Two of the girls whose company we really enjoy are absolutely afraid of her, so guess who gets welcomed? Yep, the nice and not lice-ridden people.

The other family, though—well, we really enjoy both the other parent and his son’s company a great deal. His son is a real sweetie and is honestly more than old enough to be taking care of treating himself and his environment for lice. As much as I like the guy and his son, I wouldn’t spend time in their house and don’t want our kids there—it’s “bears with furniture.”

The lice. UGH. I’m so tired of dealing with lice at all. We haven’t had them in quite a while here—not since distancing ourselves from family A, in fact. If Katie has them, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I have them, so I have to treat both of us. And the beds/beddings/sofas/car seats, etc. I mean, lice are icky nasty to just about everybody—but I have a (usually mild) obsessive-compulsive disorder, and something like this triggers it in a BIG way.

Since the parent just won’t deal with this well enough to get rid of them (we’re talking a two-year problem, here), we have to decide—do we just treat everybody and everything after every visit, or say that his son is no longer welcome? (sigh)

So yesterday sambear and Katie tried to get to a choir performance, got lost due to sucky directions, and ended up spending a fairly nice day shopping and browsing bookstores and the library. Katie got hit with her first migraine in many months at the end of the day, though, and didn’t have her inhaler with her. It wasn’t nearly as bad as some have been in the past, but this was the first time she started seeing auras. I’ll have to call her neurologist tomorrow.

Today we had a pretty quiet day until discovering the lice problem. Our friend Ron came by and spent some time visiting with us, which was really nice. He was going to check on his motorcycle (stored in our garage) but I don’t think he actually got around to it. Katie enjoyed showing off the magic tricks she’s learned this week (new interest sparked by her visit to Six Flags on Wednesday with my mom). After Katie went off to play elsewhere, we exchanged our semi-regular poly reality checks all around. We aren’t and haven’t ever been sexually involved with Ron, but he’s definitely family and one of our too-few face-to-face poly friends.

sambear is going to go get more of the delousing spray so we can treat the rest of the beds and the furniture in the playroom, and videotapes so that we’ll have something to watch while I comb out Katie’s (long and extremely thick) hair.

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