Icky Icky Icky!

So far this weekend…

Had a good D&D game Fri­day night with B and J. I real­ly enjoy play­ing with them. It’s sor­ta weird—an alter­nate time­line from the larg­er D&D game wrapped up the pri­or Fri­day night. In that game, we end­ed up going back and chang­ing the his­to­ry of that time­line, result­ing in the one we’re play­ing in for the small game. Some­times it’s dif­fi­cult for me to keep the lines and his­to­ries sep­a­rate. sam­bear has been run­ning games in this uni­verse for—what, 20 years or more now? So there’s a lot of history.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it seems a friend’s son has lice again, and Katie had signs of them today. So we’re hav­ing to do the whole damned treat­ment thing again. AAAARRRGGGHHH! Because the boy spent Sun­day a cou­ple of nights here, and it’s pos­si­ble that R and G were also exposed. Damn.

Lice are a chron­ic prob­lem with not one but TWO fam­i­lies we know. Now, it isn’t as much of a big deal with fam­i­ly A any­more, because we’ve backed way off into some­thing more like an acquain­tance­ship with them any­way. Their old­er (hor­ri­bly infest­ed) kid isn’t here with­out a par­ent, and we’re about at the point where she won’t be allowed here WITH a par­ent, though we have enjoyed being around her par­ents some and I love cud­dling their baby. But the par­ents aren’t author­i­ty fig­ures at all and can’t/won’t con­trol their daugh­ter, and she’s a nasty lit­tle brat. Two of the girls whose com­pa­ny we real­ly enjoy are absolute­ly afraid of her, so guess who gets wel­comed? Yep, the nice and not lice-rid­den people.

The oth­er fam­i­ly, though—well, we real­ly enjoy both the oth­er par­ent and his son’s com­pa­ny a great deal. His son is a real sweet­ie and is hon­est­ly more than old enough to be tak­ing care of treat­ing him­self and his envi­ron­ment for lice. As much as I like the guy and his son, I would­n’t spend time in their house and don’t want our kids there—it’s “bears with furniture.” 

The lice. UGH. I’m so tired of deal­ing with lice at all. We haven’t had them in quite a while here—not since dis­tanc­ing our­selves from fam­i­ly A, in fact. If Katie has them, it’s pret­ty much guar­an­teed that I have them, so I have to treat both of us. And the beds/beddings/sofas/car seats, etc. I mean, lice are icky nasty to just about everybody—but I have a (usu­al­ly mild) obses­sive-com­pul­sive dis­or­der, and some­thing like this trig­gers it in a BIG way.

Since the par­ent just won’t deal with this well enough to get rid of them (we’re talk­ing a two-year prob­lem, here), we have to decide—do we just treat every­body and every­thing after every vis­it, or say that his son is no longer wel­come? (sigh)

So yes­ter­day sam­bear and Katie tried to get to a choir per­for­mance, got lost due to sucky direc­tions, and end­ed up spend­ing a fair­ly nice day shop­ping and brows­ing book­stores and the library. Katie got hit with her first migraine in many months at the end of the day, though, and did­n’t have her inhaler with her. It was­n’t near­ly as bad as some have been in the past, but this was the first time she start­ed see­ing auras. I’ll have to call her neu­rol­o­gist tomorrow.

Today we had a pret­ty qui­et day until dis­cov­er­ing the lice prob­lem. Our friend Ron came by and spent some time vis­it­ing with us, which was real­ly nice. He was going to check on his motor­cy­cle (stored in our garage) but I don’t think he actu­al­ly got around to it. Katie enjoyed show­ing off the mag­ic tricks she’s learned this week (new inter­est sparked by her vis­it to Six Flags on Wednes­day with my mom). After Katie went off to play else­where, we exchanged our semi-reg­u­lar poly real­i­ty checks all around. We aren’t and haven’t ever been sex­u­al­ly involved with Ron, but he’s def­i­nite­ly fam­i­ly and one of our too-few face-to-face poly friends.

sam­bear is going to go get more of the delous­ing spray so we can treat the rest of the beds and the fur­ni­ture in the play­room, and video­tapes so that we’ll have some­thing to watch while I comb out Katie’s (long and extreme­ly thick) hair.

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