My Hero!

Okay, the camp­ing shop­ping is DONE! Large­ly thanks to sam­bear, who met us out in the big wide world after work and made every­thing eas­i­er. By the time we’d gone to Sports Author­i­ty, Goody’s, Sam’s Club, and Wal­mart I was seri­ous­ly doubt­ing my abil­i­ty to dri­ve home. Sam made me eat one of those lit­tle over­priced sleeves of cashews on the impulse pur­chase shelves and I felt well enough to dri­ve home safely—maybe not eat­ing lunch was­n’t such a good idea.

He then went to bor­row the mess kit from David & Alisa (get­ting Rhi­an­na cud­dle time that I did­n’t have, grum­ble grum­ble grum­ble) and took Katie to get the final item, sports san­dals. Sam just needs to do all the shoe shop­ping alone—they found a pret­ty nice pair of Tim­ber­lake san­dals with straps to adjust the width to Katie’s nar­row feet marked down to $10. When they got to the reg­is­ter, they found out that they were on sale for 50% off beyond that. We had seen sim­i­lar san­dals at Sports Author­i­ty that were $50. He got a sim­i­lar deal last year when we were doing the camp outfitting.

I’ll be going to bed soon, I think. I’m freez­ing. That hap­pens when I get too tired. It’s almost like my body starts going shocky. It does­n’t seem to have a thing to do with the actu­al tem­per­a­ture of the room or anything—it’s hot out­side, even with the rain, but I had to turn on the heat in the car. I’m going to go put on a sweat­suit and big socks and bur­row under the quilts for a while. But I have to eat din­ner first or I’ll be in trou­ble with Sam.

Hap­py news—David & Alisa will be at the game tomor­row night for the first time since well before Rhi­an­na’s birth (she’ll be 5 weeks old on Sat­ur­day). So I should get some cud­dle time then.

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