Sam and Saturday

Yes, it was another date night. Yay! (They are the highlights of my week, with good reason.) The girl went out on a date, so we had the house to ourselves.

It still feels odd, at times, not to have any kids around, and not to even be worried about picking them up. We like the young man she’s dating, so we feel fairly good about her being out with him, and don’t get very nervous. Still, there’s a certain level of awareness that never seems to go away when you can’t personally verify your child’s immediate wellbeing.

In any case, it was a lovely evening. I do love my Sam, and he never does stop spoiling me.

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3 thoughts on “Sam and Saturday

  1. Yay Date Night!

    I’m told one never entirely stops worrying about one’s children, once just gets used to not being able to check on them at any moment.

  2. I’m glad you had a pleasant date night 🙂 Living in rural Virginia and not having much in common with anyone who lives nearby leaves us short on babysitters.

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