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Sam and Saturday

Yes, it was anoth­er date night. Yay! (They are the high­lights of my week, with good rea­son.) The girl went out on a date, so we had the house to our­selves.

It still feels odd, at times, not to have any kids around, and not to even be wor­ried about pick­ing them up. We like the young man she’s dat­ing, so we feel fair­ly good about her being out with him, and don’t get very ner­vous. Still, there’s a cer­tain lev­el of aware­ness that nev­er seems to go away when you can’t per­son­al­ly ver­i­fy your child’s imme­di­ate well­be­ing.

In any case, it was a love­ly evening. I do love my Sam, and he nev­er does stop spoil­ing me.

3 comments to Sam and Saturday

  • Yay Date Night!

    I’m told one nev­er entire­ly stops wor­ry­ing about one’s chil­dren, once just gets used to not being able to check on them at any moment.

  • Moondazed

    I’m glad you had a pleas­ant date night 🙂 Liv­ing in rur­al Vir­ginia and not hav­ing much in com­mon with any­one who lives near­by leaves us short on babysit­ters.

  • cyn

    I wish we were close enough to give y’all nights out!