Not the nice, Johnny Depp kind, no. The pillage/rape/murder sort spiced up with demon-worshipping shark people.

Tonight was date night, and I was impatient to be back to our game. We’d left off at a very unresolved point the last time we played, before the weekend. It would be almost impossible for someone else to enter that game at this point, so we played other things while Hope was visiting. I didn’t mind, but when you’re in the middle of sneaking into a pirate kingdom warded by psionic killers, you really, really want to know if you’ll make it out again!

Katie went out with her beau and friends, and Sam brought dinner home. He had to run errands before coming home, which we try to avoid on Wednesday nights, especially, but sometimes it happens.

Warning: Gaming recap next. Skip if you hate such things.

We met a minotaur who was a serial rapist and murderer while we were just trying to hang out in a bar to gather information.1My character for this game, Seauclaire, is sworn to her goddess to put all rapists to death, so she can always spot them. Since we were trying to be sneaky, she couldn’t just whip out her sword and lay in. Happily, he didn’t have any sort of unnatural resistance to poisons and was soon “passed out” on the bar. They probably had a bit of trouble moving him when somebody finally realized he was dead, but they had a body wagon going around anyway to gather up all the corpses of “traitors.”

Then, just trying to walk up to the central fortress and pretend to be a prostitute in order to get in, Seauclaire encountered an attempted rape in progress. She managed to get the other woman out of the men’s grasp and convince them that the tussle really wasn’t worth it, happily. Bloody clothes aren’t terribly attractive, even to pirates. The other hooker helped her get into the fortress “the back way,” to avoid “paying” the guards at the front gate (in trade, most likely) or being officially noted as being present.

We delivered a spy for the kingdom while there because nobody before us had survived trying to infiltrate the place. She was able to present a false mental front for the psionic scans and was willing to take her chances of getting caught in order to get vital information. That was a good thing because we soon learned that the pirates were planning an invasion of the kingdom’s capital port city.

We rescued our target and only killed two guards to do it, but unfortunately, I set off a psionic ward in the process. We got away, barely, but our submersible ship was caught up in something of a tsunami that resulted from the pirates shifting their entire archipelago into another plane. All that because of us? Wow. I guess they really felt violated.

Unfortunately, now the secret agent is off on the other plane, where a powerful demon is in charge of things, and she can’t use her communication devices. I figure that’ll come up as an issue soon enough.

Then we had lovely snuggles and fade to dark for the rest of our date 😉

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