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Not the nice, John­ny Depp kind, no. The pillage/rape/murder sort, spiced up with demon-wor­ship­ping shark peo­ple.

Tonight was date night, and I was impa­tient to be back to our game. We’d left off at a very unre­solved point the last time we played, before the week­end. It would be almost impos­si­ble for some­one else to enter that game at this point, so we played oth­er things while Hope was vis­it­ing. I did­n’t mind, but when you’re in the mid­dle of sneak­ing in to a pirate king­dom ward­ed by psion­ic killers, you real­ly, real­ly want to know if you’ll make it out again!

Katie went out with her beau and friends, and Sam brought din­ner home. He had to run errands before com­ing home, which we try to avoid on Wednes­day nights, espe­cial­ly, but some­times it hap­pens.

Warn­ing: Gam­ing recap next. Skip if you hate such things.

We met a mino­taur who was a ser­i­al rapist and mur­der­er while we were just try­ing to hang out in a bar to gath­er infor­ma­tion.1 Since we were try­ing to be sneaky, she could­n’t just whip out her sword and lay in. Hap­pi­ly, he did­n’t have any sort of unnat­ur­al resis­tance to poi­sons, and was soon “passed on” on the bar. They prob­a­bly had a bit of trou­ble mov­ing him when some­body final­ly real­ized he was dead, but they had a body wag­on going around any­way to gath­er up all the corpses of “trai­tors.”

Then, just try­ing to walk up to the cen­tral fortress and pre­tend to be a pros­ti­tute in order to get in, Seau­claire encoun­tered the begin­nings of an attempt­ed rape in progress. She man­aged to get the oth­er woman out of the men’s grasp and con­vince them that the tus­sle real­ly was­n’t worth it, hap­pi­ly. Bloody clothes aren’t ter­ri­bly attrac­tive, even to pirates. The oth­er hook­er helped her get into the fortress “the back way,” to avoid “pay­ing” the guards at the front gate (in trade, most like­ly) or being offi­cial­ly not­ed as being present.

We deliv­ered a spy for the king­dom while there, because nobody before us had sur­vived try­ing to infil­trate the place. She was able to present a false men­tal front for the psion­ic scans, and was will­ing to take her chances on get­ting caught in order to get vital infor­ma­tion. That was a good thing, because we soon learned that the pirates were plan­ning an inva­sion of the king­dom’s capi­tol port city.

We res­cued our tar­get and only killed two guards to do it, but unfor­tu­nate­ly I set off a psion­ic ward in the process. We got away, bare­ly, but our sub­mersible ship was caught up in some­thing of a tsuna­mi that result­ed from the pirates shift­ing their entire arch­i­pel­ago into anoth­er plane. All that because of us? Wow. I guess they real­ly felt vio­lat­ed.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, now the secret agent is off in the oth­er plane, where a pow­er­ful demon is in charge of things, and she can’t use her com­mu­ni­ca­tion devices. I fig­ure that’ll come up as an issue soon enough.

Then we had love­ly snug­gles and fade to dark for the rest of our date 😉

1 My char­ac­ter for this game, Seau­claire, is sworn to her god­dess to put all rapists to death, so she can always spot them.

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