SBQ: What do you do while stitching?

The Stitch­ing Blog­gers’ Ques­tion of the week is:

What is your favorite pas­time while stitch­ing? Do you just enjoy
silence, lis­ten to music/audiobooks or do you “watch” TV/movies? Do you have spe­cif­ic favorites you lis­ten to/watch while stitching?

I like gam­ing while stitch­ing, but I’m find­ing that it does­n’t work so well in one-on-one games. When we played with oth­er peo­ple, I got a lot more stitch­ing done, because I could do that while oth­er play­ers were “on stage,” so to speak. I love lis­ten­ing to those inter­ac­tions, but I get fid­gety with­out some­thing to keep my hands busy.

One-on-one games are too intense, usu­al­ly, to get any stitch­ing done. I pre­fer to main­tain eye con­tact with Sam, which just does­n’t work while doing count­ed-thread work. If I ever learn to knit or cro­chet, I’m told it’s much eas­i­er to do those while look­ing elsewhere.

I used to stitch while “watch­ing TV,” too, but haven’t done it in some time. We don’t have cable, since we’re not big TV peo­ple, but maybe I’ll pop in a DVD of some­thing I’ve seen before.

I’d real­ly pre­fer hav­ing a gam­ing group again, though. Hope, Waya, and J‑Chan, when are y’all com­ing for a stitch-n-game weekend?

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3 thoughts on “SBQ: What do you do while stitching?

  1. Glad to find you, always look­ing for oth­er stitch­ers. I usu­al­ly am watch­ing TV or lis­ten­ing to music when i stitch. I don’t have NEARLY enough time to do it, but who does, lol!

  2. I often knit dur­ing gam­ing, gen­er­al­ly some­thing sim­ple enough I don’t have to look at it much. 

    I like the stitch and game week­end. Heck, I was think­ing about vis­it­ing you folks regard­less. Would some week­end in April work for you guys?

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