Happy Friday!

The girl is gone this weekend. I’m starting to feel like the house is just a place where she keeps her stuff and does her laundry! I suppose that’s normal for any parent of an older teen and good practice for when she goes off to college. It doesn’t mean that I have to like it, though!

Sam has been Mr. Podcasty tonight, recording a roundtable discussion for someone else’s show, then recording a new Square One episode with Bill Walton. I’m tempted to do a Fibrant Living again. It’s certainly been long enough!

I have hopes of rearranging the living room to some extent tomorrow, to make the house more inviting for guests and make it easier to play the piano. I’m really tempted to reclaim the back bedroom as “office space,” but Sam will kill me if I ask him to move the big sofa again. I just have this feeling that as long as our computers are out here in the public area, we aren’t going to be very successful at keeping the public areas uncluttered. I’d need a desk to move my computer in there, though, or we’d need another table.

We really, really need to improve the lighting in the living room. One of the torchiere lamps has a broken switch, and we don’t really have any task lighting at all. I’d much prefer the sort of lamps that have those adjustable heads, so some point up and another points down at whatever you’re reading or stitching.

Yep, I’m totally random tonight. This is Cyn on breakthrough meds. Whee!

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